Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Photo of Rocco and Jay


This one's from the Star, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong, someone). Rocco's in Nicky's arms, and Jay's with Georgina.

And I repeat: Awwwwwwwwwwww...!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mark!

Happy Birthday to our young Mark Feehily who, even though he's the baby of the band, is getting on in years!

Happy 27th, Marky!

Mark shares his birthday with Kylie Minogue, Gladys Knight, and... erm... Jesse Bradford.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rocco & Jay Welcomed Home

But no snaps before granda's big day

AFTER more than a month in hospital, the Taoiseach's grandchildren Rocco and Jay have finally made their way home.

While little Jay made his first trip home early last week, new parents Georgina Ahern and Nicky Byrne got an unexpected present yesterday when doctors gave the go-ahead for Rocco to join them too.

Last night, the twins were said to be "safe and sound" at home with their parents in Malahide, Co Dublin.

They had been cared for at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street since their birth there - six weeks premature - on April 20.

Both babies weighed around three pounds when delivered by cesarean section. However, since then the tots have been "piling on the weight".

Jay was first to be allowed home by doctors last Tuesday and Georgina and Nicky were not expecting to bring their second son home until later this week.

However, not to be outdone, Rocco ensured he was hot on his brother's heels.

"Rocco went home today. It was completely unexpected. Georgina and Nicky were expecting to bring him home later in the week. This is the best present they could have got," said the couple's spokesperson.

And while there is still no set date for the country's most famous babies' public debut, it will not be before polling day on Thursday.

The couple are going to discuss the release of the babies' first photographs with their families but have already decided grandfather Bertie Ahern has to get the election over with first.

Instead, the photograph is expected to be made public in the next two weeks.

In the days following the twins' birth, Nicky and Georgina turned down million euro offers for the first photographs.

Irish Independent

Monday, May 21, 2007

Byrne Baby Goes Home

Just an announcement that one of Nicky and Georgina's twins - Jay - has been allowed to go home, though Rocco is still in the hospital.

The babies are now one month old, and Rocco should be released in the next week... as soon as he reaches 5 pounds, as the babies are still quite underweight because of being premature.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Clear As Mud

Brian's got a new single! Brian's got a new single!

Okay, so he had one almost a month ago, but it took ages for my copy to arrive in the post. But it DID go to number one in the UK, so I can forgive him a little bit for being too busy to deliver my late copy directly to my doorstep.

It's called Like Only A Woman Can, and the title alone conjures up all sorts of weird, hetero-erotic images, but it's actually not a bad song. Very pretty, in an acoustic sort of way, and even if he did write it for Delta, at least we don't have to listen to her. And lyrically, it's very sweet and non-threatening without being sickly and poppy. Okay, it's a little sickly. But his voice is still raspily gorgeous and carries the song with enough emotion for it not to matter

The b-side, on the other hand, is another little ripper from Mr McFadden. Musically it's kind of an upbeat version of Walking Into Walls. A bit sad, but uplifting at the same time, and the lyrics are fantastically surreal. I'm actually not sure what he's singing about, and the title - Mud In Your Eye - doesn't really help. I'll take a wild guess and say it's about how much he hates the music industry. Again. Not that it really matters, because it's a great little pop-rock-kinda-folky ballad that progresses from bittersweet to weirdly uplifting in the space of four minutes and twenty-three seconds

Good old Brian. I can't wait for the new album, if this is any indication of its quality.

Mika to Pen Song For Westlife

That's the new rumour going about, anyway, and everyone seems to be reporting on it, so maybe it's not just a silly paper with nothing else to do but make up things.

Of course, everyone said they were making a movie and duetting with Michael Jackson, and those both happened, didn't they?

Yes, that was sarcasm. Nobody panic.

Anyway, super-camp Mika writes all sorts of yummy pop songs, and hopefully this means that Westlife might actually be doing something original. Which would be nice of them.

Good god, they might actually do something in a slightly different style!

The puritans are going to be running for cover again. Or not... cos it won't be a cover. See what I did there? It was a pun. Haha.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

There Will Be No DVD

I repeat: there will be no DVD for this year's tour.