Thursday, August 30, 2007


Believe it or not, there is news!

Westlife's new video is being filmed in LA at the moment, but here's the big, amazing part!:

It's another cover.

Not that we didn't see it coming - even on studio albums, the boys do tend to stick to the covers as nice, safe bets on the singles chart, especially when their songs are being released around Christmas, when misty nostalgia is thick in the air like a misty, nostalgic fog. They've also booked themselves a spot on the Late Late Show for a Westlife-only Christmas special (Dec 21... coincidentally the day Nicky's sis-in-law's first movie - 'PS I Love You' gets released) to showcase the new song and talk about how modest and down-to-earth they are.

The song is 'Home'. By Michael Buble.

Aside from the fact that they already HAVE a song called 'Home' and it was on the Turnaround album (oh, but that was the tumultuous 'Brian is leaving' album, so we're contractually obliged to forget about it, even though it was one of their most ambitious albums), and aside from the fact that we'd all thought they'd passed out of that unfortunate swing phase with only tiny side-effects to their hair, and aside from the fact that it's another cover...

Okay, it could be alright. Sure, Buble's version was amazingly wonderfully brilliant, but so was Josh Groban's version of You Raise Me Up, and I doubted them then as well. And then look what we got: 12th number one and breaking into Australia and Asia. And a pretty good song.

So, even though I'm once again doubtful of their song choice, I'll let this one lie until I have more definitive proof of its crapness (or lack of).

Who knows? The boys might surprise us for once.

But I'd be more surprised if they released an original song.

Friday, August 03, 2007

New Westlife Album!

Finally there is news! Yeehah!

From the official website:

We’ve got very exciting news: the band are in the studio right now recording their next album!
It’s going to be a brand new studio album, and the guys have been working with a whole host of top producers including Steve Mac, Quiz/Larossi, Per + David, Jorgen Elofsson and Maratone (Rami, Antor + Savan).

Once the recording has finished at the end of August, the boys will be heading to a secret overseas location to shoot the video for the first single, as well as some fantastic new promotional pictures.

Stay tuned for more info…