Friday, June 30, 2006

As with all weeks, I come bearing good news! Westlife are still hanging in on the charts with You Raise Me Up now lounging at number 17! It's not long to go now, so let's savour the joy before it finally slides off the bottom of the charts. It's on RAGE between 8:30am and 9am this week, so be sure to tune in.

And as of the coming Monday, it will have spent SEVEN MONTHS in the Aria Charts! Can I hear a "Woohoo!"?

And now I come to...

The week's news in brief:
  • Shane is backing an anti-drugs and anti-underage drinking initiative in Sligo, Leitrim, and Donegal.
  • Nicky and Brian played together in football team The Triple Barrellers for a local 5-a-side match in Portmarnock. No word on who won.

No news apart from that. They've just finished their Chinese concerts and are now back in the UK to start their outdoor shows. So they've not had any time to get into trouble. All I've heard is that the Shanghai show was absolutely cracking. That's it. And Mark's put on a little weight - but that's barely newsworthy - it's just been the only thing to talk about because they're being so boring at the moment.

Maybe I should spread a rumour. Any thoughts?

...Mark's straight. Spread the word.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Lives!

Superman Returns

With Superman soaring back onto the big screen after a such a long sabbatical, there were always going to be a few fears. Would this new Supes fit easily into Christopher Reeve’s long-idle cape and outside-underwear? Would a new film ever be able to capture the spirit of the earlier incarnations? Is Superman still relevant to a cynical and disbelieving world?

Will we still believe a man can fly?

Well, fanboys and girls, don’t worry for a second, because Superman is back, bigger and more heroic than ever.

Picking up where the second Reeve film left off (and wisely disregarding the abysmal parts three and four), Superman Returns finds Superman (newcomer Brandon Routh) completing a long trek to the destroyed remains of his home planet. After five years, though it’s been a lot longer for those devoted Supes-fans, he has finally returned to his surrogate home of Earth, and is looking to fit back into his earlier lifestyle and regain his distanced relationship with the citizens of his second home. But both Clark Kent and Superman are almost forgotten, and Lex Luthor’s name no longer strikes fear into the hearts of Metropolitan civilians. Lois Lane has renounced her love of Superman and has moved on, shacking up with her five-year-old son and an ever-so-slightly jealous fiancée, Richard (X-Men’s James Marsden).

It doesn’t take long for the shit to hit the fan, as is often the way in a good Superman movie (or a bad one, come to that). Luthor is back on track with a new diabolical scheme to take over the world, Kevin Spacey bringing new life to the role vacated by Gene Hackman, revealing a darker, more ruthless Luthor that ever before. His Lex is menacing, relentlessly evil, and seeking revenge. That’s what five years in prison does to you.

But the big question is whether the new incarnations of Lois and Clark can bring the same amount of pizzazz and charm to their roles as their predecessors. The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Routh’s wide-eyed Superman is suitably jaded, with a slight hint of fragility and petulance after so many years away, and the dejected mien he creates in response to his former love-interest is nuanced and genuine. His Clark, however, leaves a little to be desired, providing more a sub-standard caricature of Reeve’s bumbling reporter than his own take on the character, but he is appropriately and stutteringly nervous. Kate Bosworth, as well, takes a fair stab at the Margot Kidder role, and her Lois leaves nothing in particular to be desired, though one does wonder how a woman that can’t be a day over twenty-five can have been a hard-hitting, seasoned reporter at least five years before the events of the film.

Minor characters, as well, shine here, with Parker Posey’s henchwoman and trophy babe getting her fair share of the best lines. Sam Huntington’s Jimmy Olsen is near-inspired, his breathless nerd captured perfectly. Perry White is slightly undercooked, though, his character only just sidling into the third dimension, but that's through no fault of the actor (Frank Langella), he is simply a casualty of the tightly packed two and half hours of story-telling, that causes some characters (Eva Marie Saint's Martha Kent, for example) to fall by the wayside. This is not a noticeable loss, happily, but a necessary sacrifice for the good of what is a brilliantly layered and emotional journey.

And then there’s the other major star of the film. Reportedly the most expensive film of all time, director Brian Singer and his co-conspirators have invested their money wisely, with utterly believable special-effects. From a roaring gas explosion to the languid gravity-less floating of a maroon cape, every moment feels mesmerisingly genuine, without detracting from the snappy script and delicate storytelling. Singer was the perfect choice, and his abandoning of the half-hearted X-Men 3 is entirely justifiable, when he presents us with such rich brilliance as this.

Hold onto your hats, folks. Because Superman is back!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Epiphany

I had an epiphany today. No, seriously, I did. If an epiphany means ‘realising something you probably already knew but were too lazy to admit.’

My epiphany, put simply, is… I don’t like moving.

Seriously. It’s true. I’m the kind of person who would rather cut back to one meal a day than actually exercise to keep my weight consistent. And I really love eating. Especially the kind of eating that includes salt and carbs. Not fussed on sugar, but give me something white and processed that used to be a potato or wheat, and I’m there!

So I thought I’d share. The top five things I love to do… with minimum movement.

1. Sit in front of my computer

This is possibly the most fun ever. All you have to do is sit down and not move anything but your hands and your eyes for… quite possibly hours. Last night I sat in front of my computer for over six hours in a row. I got up twice to go to the toilet. What did I do for six hours? What didn’t I do! I shopped, I learnt, I laughed, I socialised, I wrote, I read. It was worth every second.

2. Watch movies
I am a movie addict. My dream is to be the editor of Empire, so that I can tell everyone what movies to like. I spend at least $6 a week at Video Ezy's $1 Tuesday, while I try to cut down on my enormous list titled 'Movies I Must See!' This list goes for six pages. At the moment I’m loving King Kong and all the Superman movies. My DVD collection is a library of Burton, Jackson, Singer, Luhrmann, Lucas, and a load of stuff involving hot chicks turning into werewolves. I even think I understood Donnie Darko.

3. Watch television
So, you may say, how does television differ from the movies? Well… screw you man, I enjoy sitting in front of a screen. Plus, you can’t pay exorbitant amounts for popcorn when you watch television. Unless you’re a dickhead and don’t buy homebrand. Daytime TV is especially awesome, because you can watch it in your pyjamas, meaning you don’t have to go to the effort of actually changing into real clothes. I also like boxsets, as well as my daily dose of Dr Phil. I can waste hundreds of hours watching Queer as Folk, and can’t be stopped by ad-breaks or the end of a weekly episode.

4. Listen to music
This kind of ties in with the computer thing. I catalogue. All my music is on my computer, and all of it is organised by artist, album and genre. I have over 5500 songs. My iriver is permanently plugged into my ears. I feel weird if I can’t hear anything blasting through my eardrums. And if I don’t listen to at least one Westlife song a day, I feel dirty and guilty. I try to listen to more than that, of course, but sometimes things get in the way. I’m addicted to Ben Lee, Scissor Sisters, and The Streets at the moment. And I can listen to them while I compute! I can do two things at once and still not move!

5. Read
I like reading. It’s good because you don’t have to move while you do it, but you can expand your mind in the meantime. Admittedly, Terry Pratchett and Stephen King are not exactly Mark Twain and Shakespeare, but I like them too, so I get a reprieve from your taunts. Anyway, Terry Pratchett’s Death is the greatest literary character of all time. Yes, that’s right, I can laugh at Pratchett without moving.

So, slobs, that was your guide to fun things to do without moving. Now get out there and enjoy!

Go on… move…


I have taught you well, my young padawans.

Monday, June 26, 2006


It’s almost impossible to be a fan of a boyband without having a favourite member. Ask any fan who their favourite member is, and they’ll promptly reply without any prior thought. It’s second nature. You stake your claim, and you’re prepared to defend him to the death, if need be. He may not be prepared to do the same for you, should he even know who you are, but that’s not the nature of boybands. It’s like Tammy Wynette says: “Stand by your man”. And just like Tammy Wynette, your man is sleeping with someone else.

However, sometimes fans can defend their man to the detriment of another member, often resulting in full-blown war between previously amicable fans. They’re prepared to accept that someone else is not as fond of their favourite song as they are, but should they find out that the same person does not find their man as musically or physically virtuous as they themselves do…

You can practically hear a bell chime while the referee backs cautiously out of the ring.

The fact is, many fans seem to forget that every member is as equally valuable as another, especially as their numbers have dwindled. Gone is the time when a departing member would not announce the end of the band. Three is not a viable number. If any member left, it would be the end.

And no, we should not bring Bryan back and kick someone else out in his place. Every single member is important, every single member is a necessity, and not just because of the numbers game. Every single member plays an equally valuable part in keeping Westlife going, and making Westlife what it is.

First of all, there’s Shane. He sings a lot and he talks the most sense in interviews. But he’s bland, he doesn’t do anything wild, he’s not dangerous. But he has a wife and daughter who he loves very much, thereby providing the guise of stability to the outer public. His voice is pure pop and he never puts a note wrong in concerts. He can also write a brilliant tune. He is very important.

Second, there’s Mark. Mark is tall, dark and handsome, and backs up Shane when they need a high note. Except he has a tendency to forget the words; and apparently the melody, if some of his vocal acrobatics are anything to go by. He’s the nervous, shy one, that talks no sense in interviews, makes all the mums want to mother him and all the boys want to shag him. He also has an incredible gospel voice that is absolutely indispensable to the climax of most of their songs. He is very important.

Third, there’s Nicky. Nicky has a husky, sexy voice that is heard very occasionally. But it’s not his voice that makes him an important member of the team. It’s his personality. He’s funny, he’s an entertainer, he’s confident, and he looks especially good on television and in photos. As far as musicianship is concerned, he’s often off-key and can’t play an instrument or write a song to save his life. But he’s sexy, and he’s a great dancer. He’s the showman. He is very important.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Kian. Kian has a mind for business, and has A Plan. He’s the frontman, and knows all the dates and all the appearances. He talks to the management and sticks up for everyone else. He’s the driving force behind Westlife, arguably as involved as any of their management is. He answers all the tricky questions with vehement calm and tact. His voice, though not used unaccompanied often, sounds great as a bass line in the melody, and he can play a mean guitar. He is very important.

We need each and every one of them.

Anyway, aren’t there bigger things to worry about? I mean, there might be someone out there that doesn’t like Mark!

I might have to hurt them.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

About Time!

As I said on the last post, Amazing is being released in a few weeks time.

And they're playing it on Video Hits tomorrow! I can't tell you the exact time, because stupid Video Hits doesn't tell you the times on its website, just the songs. So anyway, tune in tomorrow sometimes between 8:30 and midday. And... yeah.

It's a really awesome clip, for those of you who haven't seen it. It has a photocopier in it.

And we all know that's what makes a cool clip.

In other news, I'm gonna run out of ideas for this thing eventually, so if anyone has anything they'd like me to talk about, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Ideas are always welcome. As long as they're about Westlife. Of course, I can discuss things that are not Westlife-related, but it's my blog and that's my prerogative.

So, in that spirit...

Kevin has left the Backstreet Boys! *sob* I'm devastated! He was my favourite! Admittedly, I decided he was my favourite when I was about 12 years old, and my decision was based mostly on the fact that he had really cool hair. Which was not the same hair he has now. But old habits die hard.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Important Dates

There's some very special events coming up soon, and you should all jot these down in your calendar. Otherwise... I'll do something bad to you. I don't know what, but it will involve pointy things and... leeches. Or if I'm too grossed out and lazy to actually get leeches, then I will use the sucky end of the vacuum instead. So jot these down, dammit! You have been warned!

June 26 - Westlife Tickets go on general sale for the Brisbane Entertainment centre. You can buy them from Ticketek from 9am. Unless of course (like me) you've already nabbed your presale tickets and are well on the way to euphoria. Especially now that I've got my Robbie Williams tickets as well. Yippee! Everything's coming up Milhouse!

June 28 - Imagine Me & You is released on DVD. Technically nothing to do with Westlife, but I love that movie and I urge you all to go enjoy its gorgeousness. It's like a Richard Curtis movie with lesbians - so there's something in there for the girls and the guys. But mostly the girls. It's about love, and junk.

June 29 - Superman Returns is released into a cinema near you. And also a load of other cinemas. Also technically nothing to do with Westlife, but I'm damn excited, so I thought I'd share. SUPERMAN IS BACK! *squee!*

July 15 - A very special date, as this is the date that Westlife's second Aussie single from the Face To Face album is released. It is called Amazing, and it is... amazing (duh). So y'all should buy it. Cos I'm from Alabama, y'hear?

And there's another announcement to be made! This week You Raise Me Up is still hanging in at number 16 on the Aussie music charts! Tune into the ABC between 8:30am and 9am tomorrow to see it on Rage.

I'm especially loving that song at the moment because my parents dragged me down the RSL tonight (I don't like it there - it smells like steak and old people), and the band sang it! I went hysterical! The music started in but it was a different intro, and mum said "ooh, is that Danny Boy?" then the piano kicked in and I said "YAAAAAAAY!!!! WESTLIFE WESTLIFE!!!!"

And they used the proper Westlife backing track for the 'oohs'!

Nevertheless, the RSL still irks me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Recipe For Success

Due to the fact that Westlife are finally making their debut tour appearance in Australia, I thought it was time for another entry that doesn’t just involve me saying “Ooh! How cute are Westlife?! I love them so much!”

Yes, I’m so impressed by the fact that they’re getting off their arses that I want to honour them by putting some actual work into writing something.

So in honour of this wonderful occasion, I bring you…

How To Make A Westlife Concert.

1. First, take an empty arena and fill it with hormonal teenaged girls and their equally manic mums. This will take about twenty minutes, and will often require a second night to hold the surplus. Sometimes even a third or a fourth. Or a seventh.

2. Secure a stage. The stage must be sufficiently large enough to hold the following: four stools, four large screens, a set of stairs, and an outrageously obscure prop (eg. A lamppost, or a car)

3. Acquire a choreographer. Place both the choreographer and the band in a dance studio up to a month before the first concert, and preheat. Be prepared for the eventuality of both slow and fast numbers. Both are good, but you should not depend too heavily on either. Variety is the spice of life. If you’re not sure what spice you want, cinnamon’s always a good option. Or nutmeg. Or maybe paprika.

4. Supply up to six sets of four outfits that match, either in style or colour. Suits are generally the most accepted option. Also, make sure the clothes are fastened with Velcro – not only will this allow your band to change quickly backstage
, but it will also allow the blonde ones to easily unfasten their trousers on stage. This will help your arena heat up quickly.

5. Position some lighting at the sides and top of the stage, then spread the bottom with fireworks. This will keep your band evenly roasted.

6. Add in a variety of hits, making sure that they're the most universally appetizing ones available. Be aware, though, that some people may like newer, punchier flavours, so be aware of them and don't be afraid of a little experimentation.

7. To stop the mixture getting too blended, separate it into four to six smaller parts. The easiest option is an acoustic set, a dance section, and a medley (you can use older parts from other recipes here). As well, take any leftover pieces and place them as high as you can, possibly on a walkway or suspended floor.

8. Stir, place it all in the arena, and then duck. It’s very likely the mixture will explode. It tastes better this way.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

You Raise Me Up is at number 15 this week!

And I will be in an exam at 8am this morning, so I will not get to watch it. Bugger.

On the upside, I'm seeing Just My Luck tonight. For all those who are about to say "What!? You're seeing that lame-arse Lindsay Lohan movie?!" ...yes I am. But there's a very good reason.

McFly are in it!

That is all.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Westlife Are Coming! Westlife Are Coming!


Westlife announce their first Australian national tour!!!
Reported by - Thursday, June 15 2006

Renowned for their big ballads, moving melodies and heartfelt harmonies, Westlife are bringing their fine way with a tune to life for their multitude of Australian fans.

After winning over more Australian hearts during a promotional tour earlier this year, which sent their seventh album Face To Face straight to number 1, Michael Coppel and Video Hits are very pleased to announce the return of Westlife for a national arena tour this September!

Arguably the most successful pop group to come out of Ireland, Westlife have achieved worldwide album sales in excess of 35 million, and won a multitude of accolades, including two Brit Awards.

Since the release of their 1999 debut single Swear It Again, Westlife have reached the top of the UK singles chart an incredible 13 times, and their five sell out UK Arena tours have seen them performing to a combined audience of over 4 million, making them the biggest selling arena act in the UK.

In reaching number 1 Westlife's current album Face To Face knocked Robbie Williams out of the #1 spot in the UK and also reached the top of the Australian ARIA charts, where it has been a top 10 staple and is approaching double platinum sales.

Following the success of their first single You Raise Me Up, SonyBMG will release Westlife’s second single, Amazing, on July 15.

Joining the 4 lovely Irish lads of Westlife on tour are 4 of Australia's finest femme vocalists in the guise of YOUNG DIVAS.

This all star line up of Kate DeAraugo, Paulini, Emily Williams and Ricki Lee have ruled the airwaves with the # 2 charting hit single of their pop/disco reworking of Donna Summer's classic "This Time I Know It's For Real".

A further single is due for release in July, with their debut album to follow.

Don't miss Westlife LIVE with Young Divas at:



Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

As of Monday, Westlife were in the top 40 in Australia for SIX MONTHS with You Raise Me Up. They're still going strong at #11.

As a celebration, the fiendish overlords (ie. SonyBMG) have decided to release a so-called 'Maxi Single' into the Australian market. It is being released today, and includes:

1. You Raise Me Up
2. You Raise Me Up (Chameleon remix)
3. You Raise Me Up (Reactor remix)
4. Flying Without Wings (acoustic version)
5. My Love (acoustic version)

I will be buying it, and I expect the rest of you to do the same.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting Arty Farty

I have discovered the Dream Avatar Creator and I LOVE IT!

Check out my beautiful Westlife avatar. Isn't it gorgeous? Also, check out my beautiful ME avatar! Aren't I gorgeous?!

So if you want to make your own little people, but don't want all that nasty sex business... check it out.

By the way, if you do want all that nasty sex business, I'm not the one to talk to. I charge way too much.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It Takes Two

Brian has got a new song out! It's another duet.

Having learnt from 'that Delta Goodrem thing' that the best way to get a hit single is to ride someone else's coat-tails, Brian has got a new song. On LeAnn Rimes album.

The duet, 'Everybody's Someone', appears on LeAnn's new album 'Whatever We Wanna' and will probably be released as a single towards the end of the year, and then on his second solo album, tentatively rumoured to be surfacing at the beginning of 2007.

Due to the fact that I can never be completely unbiased or present only the facts when it comes to Westlife and/or Brian, I'd like to add that yes... it is a good song. It's very nice and inspirational, even if it is in a slightly cookie-cutter way. Still, when has that ever made a difference to the charts? People like nice songs about how we're not all alone in the world and how we should be nice to other people because we're just like them.

And all that crap.

However, the thing that will hold this song back is its lack of real hook. It's very nice, but it's missing that 'special something'; the thing that will keep it stuck in your head and stop you from changing the station. And most importantly, it lacks that extra drive that will get people buying it.

Musically, it lacks nothing. Brian and LeAnn create a much better vocal match than Brian and Delta (or Belta, as I like to call them) ever did. His slight country lilt suits perfectly to her pop-twang, and it's this quality that provides the real interest. The melody is refined and guitar-driven, matching the country flavour beautifully, and the lyrics are suitably heartfelt.

But it's not the first of it's kind, it's not the last of its kind, and it's not the best of it's kind.

3.5 out of 5.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Apocalypse!

Tis the end of the world!

The 6th of the 6th, 2006!

The day they're releasing the new Omen movie! (Personally, I'd rather the world end than money-grubbing film companies bastardise one of the greatest horror films of all time. It better end before they finish the remake of The Wicker Man, I'll tell you what.)

And with War, Famine, Pestilence and Death already pretty bloody apparent, it seems as though the four horsemen are here to stay. But hey, just as long as they don't affect me, my world's still intact.

There's a drought, you say?

(And yes, this has nothing to do with Westlife... I just thought I'd be festive)

Westlife Do China!

Well, not literally. If they did all of China, I'm sure it would take them quite a long time, considering the population. And then they'd have to stop touring and recording to make time, and they'd stop making money. It just wouldn't be worth their while, even though there are quite a lot of attractive Chinese people.

So instead they're just going to China. They'll make a documentary, do some concerts... so on.

And here's the promo for the trip:

Enjoy. It's chock full of slashy goodness.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Delta Lover Caught Out

by Nui Te Koha

Delta Goodrem is furious at lover Brian McFadden for snooping on email pleas over her future.

He felt the singer's wrath after he replied to an email sent to her.

The message, from a respected music industry figure, was sent to Goodrem with the blessing of her mother-manager Lea Goodrem, who is involved in a tug-of-love between the Aussie pop princess and McFadden.

But former boy band star McFadden, 26, intercepted the message to the singer, 21.

The email asked why Goodrem had opted out of management offers from US superstar-makers Irving Azoff and Tommy Mottola.

"This is a big step, so be sure it's what you want," it said.

Azoff manages The Eagles and Christina Aguilera. Mottola discovered Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

The email also questionsed McFadden's dedication to Goodrem's career.

However, last week, Goodrem told her mother she never saw the email.

She was outraged after it was revealed McFadden had confronted the author.

Those revelations surfaced in The Sunday Mail last week.

"Delta and I share this email address," wrote McFadden.

"To say I'm shocked at what I read in your email would be an understatement. Delta's business is absolutely none of yours."

McFadden reportedly wants Delta to sign to his management group.

~ The Sunday Mail

Friday, June 02, 2006

This Week...

You Raise Me Up is sitting at number 11 on the ARIA charts! Tune in to Rage tomorrow at 9:15am to see the clip! Face To Face, meanwhile, is still hanging in there at number 22.

Also, I've heard a little whisper that their second Aussie single from the Face To Face album, Amazing, is being released in a few weeks time. So start keeping a look out. In the meantime, let's all have a cheer because they're giving the Diana Ross one a miss!

Life is bloody good at the moment.

We've Made Up!

Look! Look! I can post pictures again!

Oh computer... I love you. Let's never fight again.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Westlife Style School 3 - The Revenge

I promised something the other day, didn't I? I promised that if you'd tune in the next day, you'd see the kind of hair that would make you look like you worked for Hitler. I lied. It wasn't an intentional lie, I really did mean to update with that, but I didn't have the time. My humble apologies, to those of you who care. Anyway, as promised, here's that fashion disaster, and some other terrible wearables and hideous hairdos.

This is probably one of the single most bizarre and hideous haircut of all time. It's a little Nazi, a little Crispin Glover in Willard. Don't want to look like you're setting your German/rat minions on people? Don't get this haircut. In fact, don't get this haircut full stop. Especially with that curly fringe thing at the front. It's wrong from every angle.

It's becoming more of a costume party than a fashion show today, isn't it? Here's Nicky, modelling a wannabe eye-patch. It's the worlds first ever D&G pirate. There's way too much going on with the shirt, even if it probably is designer. Go to K-Mart, lad, pick out a pair of $20 jeans, a $15 singlet, and for gods sake get your hair out of your eyes. You look like two mismatched socks in a dryer.

It's okay to be casual when you're sitting on the couch watching TV. There are, however, a few provisos. First of all: if you hate each other as those defensives positions clearly show, dress well. This will make the others jealous. A badly-fitting polo shirt, a shapeless jumper, and a black shirt that looks like it was skinned off a rabbit's arse do not make your friends jealous. Floppy hair, also, went out with the plague. Also, try not to look like you're throwing up. This is not attractive.

Now, for some reason, my computer has just refused to upload any more pictures, hence the briefness of this entry. If we can reconcile, I will upload the last couple of fashion disasters later today. If we decide that this problem cannot be reconciled, I may have to leave this as it is. I'm sorry, children, it's never nice to see mummy and daddy argue. But just remember all the good times we've had.

*kicks computer*

Good Morning All!

As most of you will know, this blog was done as an assignment for my Music Subcultures and the Media course. For thoseof you who popped in from other places to read the blog, well... now you know that too. In case you didn't already.

Anyway, my personal goal during this assignment was to update at least once a day for the full four weeks of the assignment (except for the first few days, because I was in LONDON, BABY!). As of today, the assignment is finished, but... you know what? I've enjoyed this so immensely I'm going to keep going with it. It is unlikely, however, that I will be updating with the regularity I've shown over the past few weeks. I will continue to update it with my thoughts and with news and with little things I find interesting as often as possible; but with essays and exams looming, there might be a small lull over the next few weeks. Or there might not. It depends on how much I use this blog to procrastinate.

So if there's no update for... six months, I'm either busy or Westlife aren't doing anything interesting. Hey... it could happen!

Thanks to everyone who offered comments, praise, or advice - you know who you are. And if there's any subject anyone feels I should tackle here, don't hesitate to let me know. New ideas are welcome!

So, until the next post (which will probably be in about... oh... half an hour),

Slán go fóill