Friday, October 27, 2006

The Rose: Take 2

As promised by Nicky, the video for the Rose has been converted to black and white. But that's not the only change...

So you take a really dodgy, boring, cliche video. It's by Westlife. And you think 'hey, at least it's in colour this time. I really couldn't have coped with another b&w clip as well'. Well, they either can't read minds (or messageboards), or they can, and have gone against a riot of very outspoken commentary. Because yes, the video's in black and white, and rather than be classy, it's even more boring and drab than it was to begin with.

And not just black and white, oh no. It's the darkest black, the greyest white - in fact, you've got to wonder if they're trying to hide on that chequered floor so nobody knows who's actually made this bore of a video.

But they couldn't just change that, could they? Because not only is the second best part of the video gone, the best part has also been replaced and glossed over.

So where have the two hugging blokes gone?

Were they were beamed up by an alien spacecraft? Were they were sucked into hell? Were people other than me spotting the homoerotic subtext?

If so, I want to know what Mark has to say about this.

Don't check out the newest version of the The Rose on the Official Site at

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