Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brian Updates

First of all, I can't believe I forgot to wish Brian a happy birthday for the 12th. That's really bloody slack of me. I know he'll never read this, nor care if some random fan remembers his birthday, but seeing as I remembered all the partner's birthday's up until this point except for Delta's (who I don't like, but still felt bad about) I thought I owed it to him.

Ah well, happy birthday for last thursday, Bri. Love ya.

In other news, Brian did his online webchat thingy the other day. To summarise:

1) Album should be released in the US later this year (what about Australia, Bri?)

2) No official video has been made for Only A Woman Can - there will be one when it's released worldwide

3) The new album will be more positive than Irish Son

4) A fan once offered him $50,000 to have breakfast with her, but he said no... he'd already eaten.

5) The collaboration with Mark that was mentioned is a song they wrote together, but which only Brian will be singing. He doesn't yet know if it will make the album.

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