Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mark: "Hiding It Was Harder...!"

Before you read the article:

I find it simply hilarious that they used the phrase 'first gay encounter'. It was his first relationship, that doesn't mean he wasn't having all sorts of casual sex before he met Kevin. He was 24 when he met him - what 24 year old bloke wouldn't have gotten his end in by then if he had the kind of access Mark has? Mark's probably been Slut-man for years!

This is not a Mills & Boone. This is real life. Does it make everyone more comfortable with him being a fag if he's being a good, clean, pure fag who never has sex and acts like Jack on Will & Grace?

In the words of a friend of mine... "STOP TRYING TO DESEXUALISE HIM!"

On with the article:

* * *

WESTLIFE star Mark Feehily has revealed how hiding his sexuality from fans was harder than admitting he was gay.

The Sligo millionaire dropped a bombshell last year when he "came out" amid a blaze of publicity.

But the 26-year-old singer said the real challenge was keeping it under wraps secret for six years.

Mark told the Irish Daily Mirror: "The really scary thing was trying to keep it all a secret - that's what I found really tough.

"I was worried that something would leak out before I had the chance to say it myself.

"I wasn't at all worried when it came to the point that I actually announced I was gay - because that was nothing compared to the pressure of keeping it all a secret.

"When it all finally came out and hit the headlines it was a huge weight off my shoulders because I didn't have to live a lie in that respect.

"People often say to me that my biggest test in Westlife must have been coming out, but it was actually keeping it a secret that was the real problem." Mark has been in a long-term relationship with former boy band singer Kevin McDaid, 22.

He revealed it was his first gay encounter and is still going strong. Mark added: "Kevin was my first relationship and the whole thing was a learning experience.

"We didn't know what to expect and how the public would view the whole thing. But to be honest it's been amazing.

"We're just a normal couple who enjoy spending time together.

"Because I'm on tour so much we have to really make the most of our time off together."

And he said he has no plans to adopt children at this stage.

He added: "It's something I haven't even thought about if I'm being completely honest.

"I don't have any big desire to have kids yet but of course you can never predict what will happen in the future.

"It would be something you couldn't rush in to because the laws for same-sex couples are so restrictive."

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