Saturday, December 09, 2006

Louis' Rumour Mill

The Walsh-man's up to his old tricks again, believe it or not. This time it's a plane accident that could have gone deadly, which is very frightening, though the article does leave me wondering:

  • why is the name of the airline not mentioned?
  • if a plane malfunction so serious occurred (regardless of who was on the plane), why did we hear nothing in the Australia press?
  • was Shane the only one on the plane? Why? Is it because he has a young daughter and that makes it more dramatic?
  • is this a different accident to the other one they had when they were leaving Sydney (on the same day) and the hydraulics died? Was that the plane Nicky, Kian and Mark were on, seeing as Shane was by himself?
  • does Louis' have some kind of bad karma that attracts plane accidents to his acts?
  • why does Paul Martin always seem to write the more untraceable articles about Louis' acts?
  • what shows? Why wasn't I told of this? And what do they mean, 'sold out'?


Ponder these questions and more while you read the article.

Westlife star tells of fear for life after aircraft fails
By Paul Martin

WESTLIFE'S Shane Filan revealed last night that he felt lucky to be alive after a 320kmh plane nightmare.

The 27-year-old singer's flight from Sydney was abandoned seconds before take-off when the aircraft suffered a sudden mechanical failure.

The Sligo star and other passengers had to spend the night at an airport hotel while the incident was investigated.

He told the Daily Mirror: "We were flying down the runway and then suddenly the plane was shaking like mad.

"I gripped on to the seat and then there was a huge crunching and screeching noise.

"The pilot slammed the breaks on so hard that it actually veered off the runway on to the grass.

"I closed my eyes and waited for the worst to happen. I was thinking, 'Oh my God, I don't want to die like this'."

Shane, who with wife Gillian has a one-year-old daughter Nicole, was returning home from a two-week promotional stint in Australia where the band had played a string of sell-out shows.

He added: "We have to fly all the time with Westlife but I'm dreading getting on a plane now.

The experience really scared me and I had to take some sleeping tablets to get through the flight the next day."

"I'm chilling out with my family for a few days now and hopefully I won't be too nervous next time I get on a plane."

Before this incident Shane was famed for his love of flying.

A year ago he bought a private helicopter for his Sligo mansion.

He has taken flying lessons and is on the verge of qualifying for a full licence.

Ronan Keating once hired hypnotist Paul McKenna to get him over a fear of flying after an air scare while in Boyzone.

He said: "I have tried everything from hypnosis to self-help books but I still dread getting into a plane."

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