Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Due to my computer being stubborn, I wasn't able to post this til now.
So I duly apologise to Shane and Gillian (who I'm sure are devastated about the belatedness of my congratulations) and wish them a very happy 3rd anniversary. For yesterday.

Three years and one day ago, Shane Filan wed Gillian Walsh in Ballintubber Abbey in Mayo.

Mark and Kian were his groomsmen, Jodi upstaged the bride in a red dress, it rained, Gillian arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, there was a laser light/fireworks show and Shane mimed their favourite song. The end.
So to Shane and Gillian: Happy Anniversary. May this year be as good as the last one. And if last year was shit, may this one be better.
PS. Sorry I defiled your wedding photos that time by putting Mark and Kevin's faces over yours.


Anonymous said...

...why wasn't nicky a groomsman? (btw, if you get anonymous comments, they're generally from me, h'ok?)


Grace Suter said...

I assumed, JenJen.

Cos Mark and Kian have been Shane's besties since forever, I'd say.

Anyway, Shane wasn't groomsmen at Nicky's 4 months beforehand.

Anonymous said...

hi its nicola from edinburgh in scotland again....dont know if u remember me?! just wondering if nicky did anything at shanes wedding? was he an usher or something? just being nosey! nicola x p.s-keep up the fab work!

Grace Suter said...

Nicola: I'm not actually sure. I've never heard any mention of it, though