Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I (don't) Want Candy

Westlife have released The Love Album for the Asian market. It's basically the same as the old one, except they've bunged a few b-sides onto a second disc.

The new disc also includes a new song - a cover, obviously - Butterfly Kisses. It's a Bob Carlisle song about daddy's little girl, and it's like cutting your wrists open with sugar razorblades while pouring a bucket of treacle down your throat.

The boys handle it well, surprisingly enough, for a song that's so irredeemably sickly-sweet. The instrumental is more understated than the original and allows the boys' voices to shine. And when I say boys, I mean boys... plural. Yep, they actually let all four of them sing, and it again raises the question of why it doesn't happen more often.

Nicky especially handles his vocals with touching ability, not a note put wrong, and infused with the requisite passion, managing to make his lyrics not sound like sugar napalm. Kian, as well, is a standout, though his vocals aren't nearly as affecting and memorable as Nicky's. Mark and Shane do their usual job. As usual.

So, in summary: great vocals, nice instrumental, but a shame you can't sing along without gagging.

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