Friday, September 01, 2006

Clerks 2: Passion Of The Clerks

It was always going to a tough act to follow. A cult hit and a mandatory inclusion on most 'best of' lists, it was impossible not to be nervous coming up to the release of the follow-up of Kevin Smith's master work.

So breathe a sigh of relief, people, because Clerks 2 is beyond worthy.

Picking up ten years on from the original, Clerks 2 finds Dante (Brian O'Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson) still stuck in their dead-end jobs, still having woman trouble, still abusing customers, and still finding time to debate Star Wars. After the unfortunate demise of the QuickStop (in a brilliantly self-referential opening scene), the site of mischief is now the Mooby's fast food chain. Dante is engaged to Emma (Jennifer Schwalbach) and is moving to Florida with her the next day, hoping to escape his loserhood. Of course things don't go smoothly.

Jay & Silent Bob are back, as hilariously funny and puerile as ever, but it's the new characters that really earn their salt. Jesus-freak virgin Elias (Trevor Fehrman) and Dante's other romantic interest Becky (Rosario Dawson) (And as Randall points out, how the hell does Dante manage to always have so many chicks willing to jump him?!) both play their roles with the glee required to lift this from basely immature into comedy gold. Sure, the occasional debate isn't so original (like, we know Frodo and Sam were hot for each other - it's not cutting edge to say so), but it's done with such obvious joy and spirit it still seems like the most clever, original thing ever to be said.

With all the shit that's churned out of Hollywood at the moment, it's nice to see a film that's still prepared to include human/donkey unholiness, but is chock-full of heart.


Rohan Williams said...

You're dominating the film reviews lately. Good stuff. If you're a Smith fan, a friend of mine did an interview with him, the full transcript's over here:

It's entirely possible that that link won't work. Computers don't like me, you know.

Grace Suter said...

Did you do something to computers to make them not like you?

I'm seeing a lot of movies lately, hence the review domination. I saw Kenny with my family last week, SOAP with my sister last night, and Clerks today cos I've been waiting for it FOREVER and couldn't find anyone to go with me. It's the first time I've ever been to the movies on my own. I just thought 'fuck it, i'm not missing a Smith film just cos I'm the only one who wants to see someone fuck a donkey'

I do so love Smith. His pinnacle was Dogma, as far as I'm concerned.

Grace Suter said...

Man, that's an awesome interview! Kevin Smith is my hero! It's him, Burton, and Jackson for me at the moment. They're just the most awesome ever.

Irritatingly enough, I can't get my hands on DVD copies of a) PJ's Braindead, b) Sleepy Hollow, or c) Jay & Silent Bob. I feel like my life is just that tiny bit short of happiness.

And fuck it all if JB doesn't have any copies of Office Space. They finally got the Princess Bride in, though. Like, who doesn't have Office Space or Princess Bride!? They're like the ultimate in awesome films!

I'm updating my videos at the moment, and it's both frustrating and exhilerating.

PS. Got my little sister all 4 Batman movies for her birthday. She's gonna pitch a happy fit when she sees them. $12.90 each!

PPS. Wow, that was a long, rambling comment. Go me for being long-winded.

Bored Secretary said...

I saw Clerks 2, I was pleasantly surprised. Then I saw a bit of Clerks 1 today on TV, and I couldn't understand the big deal about it. I like 2 better... yeah.

Rohan Williams said...

'Office Space' is quite awesome. I got it somewhere for cheap a while ago, which was cool.

Nice work with the Batman DVDS! It's always good to give the gift of Batman. It pisses me off how cheap those DVDs have gotten, since I bought them when they were new and full-price. And one of them is scractched as fuck and won't even work half the time! Those price-lowering bastards!

Grace Suter said...

So re-buy it for cheap! They're all 12.87 in Big W

Rohan Williams said...

You and your practical solutions. Let me wallow in my misery, dammit!

Annabel said...

Rohan, we've gotta check if the ones you've got work properly in my DVD player before you buy more. We've been meaning to do that for EVER, hey!

Grace Suter said...


I will spite you by giving you easy ways to make yourself happy!

I'm cruel like that.