Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Number Ones Tour

This may be quite a short review. I've only watched this DVD all the way through twice since I bought it over a year ago, and the reason is quite obvious.

It's boring as shit.

Now now, you may say, that's quite a blunt way of putting it. Surely it must have some redeeming features?

Well yes, folks, it does. The medley, for one, is a cracker. Footloose is completely ripper, as is Pretty Woman (rock on Kian and Nicky!), Mark's falsetto on Disco Inferno and Don't Stop Til You Get Enough is divine, and the Beatles homage in I Feel Fine is absolutely genius. In fact, it's equally as good as any medley they've ever done. The singing is incredible, the dancing is lively and exciting, and the cheeky grins on their faces are to die for.

It's really too bad the rest of the concert is a complete downer.

Sure, the Rat Pack section is quite amusing, but it's less to do with the singing and performances that with the whole vibe. The lads play off each other, making cheeky (if scripted) comments and Nicky and Kian waltzing together has to be a slash-girl's dream! But the songs are a little boring, and if it wasn't for all the giggles, you'd avoid it completely.

The rest of the concert doesn't even have the giggles to get by on. It's one tired, 'greatest hits'-style song after another, sung in voices that sound almost completely bored. The dancing is actually too polished so it's got a sense of complete sterility about it. There are no new songs (this being the year of the Rat Pack album), so really, what was the point? Unless they're trying to prove both how bored and how boring they can be.

Even the extras have barely anything new, unless you count a section which allows you to choose between 'best' performances from previous concerts as something new and exciting. Which very few people do. And the documentary is barely long enough to raise interest - but that's okay, you have to buy the dualdisc of the album to get the whole doco anyway.

Give it a miss, and watch the Turnaround DVD again.

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