Sunday, January 14, 2007

For F*** Sakes...

McFly To Apologise To Westlife
12 January 2007

POP band McFly have been ordered to apologise to Westlife when they meet at the Childline Concert.

They ignited a feud with the Irish group last month by attacking them for releasing an album of cover versions.

Singer Danny Jones said: "We would never do what Westlife did.

"We want to be a real band like Oasis," But now the groups will come face to face at the Point in Dublin on January 28 in one of the biggest concerts of the year.

A show source revealed McFly's management have ordered them to say sorry to Westlife.

The insider added: "At the end of the day Westlife are one of the most successful pop bands of all time and they deserve some respect."

Westlife's Kian Egan said: "We respect everyone else in the music business. "You can't survive long in this game by getting into silly arguments with people."


Does anyone else think this is completely ridiculous?

McFly don't want to do covers!? What an affront!

It's like if Westlife said they didn't want to pursue a career in death metal... Slipknot would be devastated!

McFly should apologise. I mean, if they don't, Westlife might cry.

Another kitty litter liner from the tabloids.


Anonymous said...

*laughs* it's all about the good ties. In a sad way, westlife is like...the god of british pop. You just don't piss off god unless you want to end up in hell.

That said, it is stupid. It would be like westlife being forced to apologise TO Oasis for saying something like 'we would NEVER go into the drugs scene and treat our fans badly like that'. (...not saying myfly's on drugs, but it's just not the sorta statement one has to apologise for...)

meeganness said...
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meeganness said...

As if Westlife would *actually* care. And anyway, I heard that interview. and it's all been taken out of context really.

They're entitled to their opinion (good one Danny). And if Westlife can't hack that, then eh.
I'm pretty sure the lads don't really care anyway *shrugs*


Grace Suter said...

I read an interview where McFly said pretty much the same thing, but I didn't see it as them attacking Westlife - it sounded more like they were using Westlife as an example to explain their musical direction. I doubt they were attacking Westlife outright, and I doubt Westlife give a shit.

Cheri said...

Well said.