Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hunky Westlife!

Congratulations to Westlife, who were voted #75 in The Sun's list of the Top 100 Hunks.

Only #75, you say? How can that be? Is one of those lovely boys bringing down the average?

I doubt it. In fact, I doubt the legitimacy of the poll in general.

When Gary Barlow and pals can come in at Number One (ahead of Johnny Depp (#3) and Jake Gyllanhaal (#5)!), you know something's wrong. Not that Take That don't have lovely harmonies, but I'd rather do Robbie Williams (#9) over his fat, wrinkly ex-bandmates.

Check out the full list here

(and yes, I know the photo is old, but isn't it dishy?)

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Anonymous said...

Didn't they also make the list of top gay icons of the past 50 years??? :)