Friday, February 09, 2007

Ryan Confidential Transcript (Part 3)

Here's the third part of the Ryan Confidential interview. In this part, Mark talks about coming out and how his relationship with Kevin has affected him, and that decision. (Yes, Mark actually SPEAKS in this interview... though it's with the usual Feehily incoherency. Y'know, or whatever, basically.)


Gerry Ryan: When did you decide ‘I’m not like the rest of them’

Mark: Oh well I suppose I knew that I wasn’t like the rest of them, anyway… nothing with being gay, or nothing like that

All: (laughter)

GR: And… and when did you tell them?

Mark: Erm… probably about… was it about four years ago?

Shane: About four years ago. In my apartment, wasn’t it?

Nicky: I think we probably all had our suspicions at the time. It wasn’t like, breaking news to us.

Shane: It wasn’t like… (gasp!)

Mark: It was more like I confirmed something they already knew to them as opposed to telling them this big thing, shock them, y’know? Ehm…

GR: But what did you say? It’s such a personal thing…

Mark: I guess we just got a bit drunk and… I was like this was the perfect moment. Actually I think Nicky and Shane… I was… I’d been out drinking with Nicky and Shane in London in a pub and ehm we went back to Shane’s and we were just whatever, watching DVDs and stuff like that and we were continuing to have a few drinks or whatever and I was like right, there’s nobody else around, it’s just us, it was very rare that that happens, there’s always somebody else around, y’know. So I just said it to them, there and then, and then I think that weekend…

Kian: And then… one hundred questions! (laughs)

Nicky: I think it was good cos it was kinda of a… y’know, we’re so happy for you that you can confide in us now and we can, y’know, continue on, y’know, and… and you can be happier I s’pose. That was it, wasn’t it?

GR: Did you for a minute think ‘I don’t know how this is gonna pan out…’

Nicky: With the fans? Not for one single second and that’s the god’s honest truth, may I be struck down now. If that was gonna finish the band there and then, well that was just… that was just meant to be.

GR: Was there any negative at all?

Mark: Zero. Honestly, nothing like.

GR: I don’t think there would…

Mark: Absolutely not one. I mean, I don’t know what… if people kinda said things to themselves when I’m not around or whatever, but erm, which I don’t think they do but...

Shane: We talk about you behind your back all the time.

GR: They do

Mark: They do

GR: I can tell

Mark: That’s okay cos I do it to them as well, so don’t worry about it.

Nicky: (laughs)

Mark: Ehm… I’ve certainly heard not even the smallest amount of negativity, y’know, not anything at all. Which is great, y’know, because I don’t kinda know what to expect. I kind of…

GR: What did you think…?

Mark: I assumed there would be a very small amount. I didn’t… I wasn’t scared that…

GR: But what did you think was going to happen?

Mark: Honestly… honestly I don’t really know. I knew people… I knew it was gonna be a big deal for a day or two, d’ya know what I mean? Not a big deal, but I knew it was gonna be in the papers for a day or two and stuff like that. Cos it’s not really…

GR: What drove you to that moment? What made you…

Mark: I suppose ultimately just being happy. Being in a relationship and sort of that was the final nail to tell me, like, why the hell wouldn’t I tell everyone, y’know? Y’know, I’m living this happy life just like all the rest of the guys in the band, just like some of my friends are, and why the hell wouldn’t I just… celebrate it and tell everyone just like anyone else would, y’know? And I mean I kinda felt like it’s a disgrace that anyone would think this is something that I would, hide, I mean, it’s something that I…

GR: But you had hidden it. So that kinda says a lot about the world that we live in.

Mark: I’d been in the relationship a good while before it all came out and everything and I didn’t want to, like, y’know, I wanted to live in the relationship, y’know for a while before it all kind of came out in the public because I didn’t want all of that crap, y’know, to affect, y’know, me and Kevin if you like.

GR: And are you happy?

Mark: Very happy! But, y’know…

GR: But you obviously didn’t fancy any of these guys anyway, what’s wrong with them?

Mark: I couldn’t even if I tried, to be honest.

GR: Could you not have kept it in the band?

All: (laughter)

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