Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ryan Confidential Transcript (Part 5)

The second last part of the Gerry Ryan interview! The lads talk more about their relationships, and get into a bit of a tiff with each other over the tour buses.


Gerry Ryan: So what happens in your life when your missus is looking after the child and you’re going out and touring? Does she get pissed off?

Shane: Well obviously she’s at home a lot more. She’s at home a lot more, she’s dealing with Nicole on a… on a more basis than obviously I am. Cos I’m… I’m going to work and doing concert tours and whatever. But she is a stay-at-home mum and she’s getting used to that fact now. She’s…

GR: What does she think about that?

Shane: She loves it, but…

GR: So you go out and tour, go to the nightclubs, record the albums…

Shane: No no no no no…

GR: …and she stays at home and watches the child.

Shane: Not at all. Not at all! Jesus, no way.

GR: Okay, well redefine that.

Shane: Well… I definitely obviously go on tour, but she comes with me, she be backstage with me so Nicole… I go onstage, I come back, I take Nicole in my arms, I go home.

GR: That’s how you survive. What about you? Have you…? What are you gonna do? Is she coming on tour with you, with the baby?

Nicky: Well no exactly, no all of the above.

GR: Precious on tour?

Nicky: Well, yeah funny you should say that. We had an argument among the four of us about the tour bus.

Shane: We need a new tour bus, eh…

Nicky: Yeah, this is about three weeks ago. And I knew obviously…

Kian: You’ll be paying for it, you’ve got kids!

GR: He’s not gonna put up with this, he’s gonna have his own separate bus!

Nicky: Yeah, he’ll be paying for it himself.

GR: (laughs) Clock that

Nicky: No no, I knew Georgina was pregnant and we were talking about tour buses and then we actually… Shane and Kian… or Mark and Kian went up north of… of England…

Mark: When I heard you were pregnant I was like ‘that’s why he was asking about a second tour bus!’

Nicky: Was actually Shane said it to me.

GR: A second tour bus! He needs a second tour bus?

Nicky: No no no, Gerry listen, listen.

Mark: We’re all on one at the minute.

Nicky: Listen, we’re all on one, right? And for a long time Mark didn’t have… a boyfriend or a girlfriend at the time, and then when he… when he obviously met Kevin and everything came out, Kevin now travels with us. That’s one more person. We obviously have people on the road that travel with us, Shane has Nicole, Kian has Jodi, I have Georgina, Kian now brings his little puppy around…

Kian: It sits in my lap about this size, y’know, so…

GR: That’s your own business.

Nicky: (laugh)

GR: You need your own separate tour bus, do ya?

Nicky: No absolutely not.

Kian: No, for them two to share a bus and…

Shane: For us to have a tour bus, a family tour bus with babies on it, and a bus with the lads for the rock and roll, drinking… (laugh)

GR: That sounds pretty good. So that’s what we’ll have. We’ll have the rock and roll tour bus for Westlife…

Nicky: Well I don’t see any other option!

GR: Headed up by you (Kian)… by the way, who else would be in it?

Kian: Me, Jodi, Mark and Kevin, and all our mates.

GR: And your (Shane and Nicky) tour bus will be sponsored by Pampers.

Shane: Yeah

Nicky: Yeah. With Fianna Fail logo on the side (laugh)

Kian: I’m definitely not getting on that bus.

GR: Will that be the thing that eventually decides it all, will it?

Kian: Well, I mean, I argue against the tour bus because I said there’s no way in the world we’re spending a… uh x amount of money on a second tour bus, it’s completely stupid and completely irrational.

GR: This is the Larry Mullen of Westlife speaking.

Kian: Why in the world… why in the world would we… would we spend that much money, y’know, if you wanna spend it, off you go but you ain’t taking my cut out of it. That was my ar… my attitude towards it.

Nicky: And now you’ll go backtracking, you’ll have to…

Kian: No no, I, no, I’m not gonna backtrack on anything. Because…

Nicky: You’re gonna have to.

Kian: Why?

Nicky: Well what are we gonna do now?

Kian: But that’s up to you! You have the kids, not me.

Nicky: Yeah, but you’ve the dog as well, and the…

Kian: The dog’s sits on my lap…

Nicky: Well have to talk about it, Gerry.

Shane: But see, for us to be in the band and prolong the life of the band, which benefits you and you as well, we’d have to accommodate.

Kian: No, we’ll sit down and argue this in our own time.

Shane: It’s true, though

Nicky: We’ll argue it now, if you like.

Shane: It all helps. It all helps.

GR: Sort it out now, is what I say. Everybody’s got to be happy, don’t they? So if being happy means two tour buses…

Nicky: That’s my point, exactly.

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