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Ryan Confidential Transcript (Part 4)

The next part of the Gerry Ryan interview. In this part, all four lads talk about their relationships.


Nicky: I might cross my T’s and dot my I’s a little bit more than I would of if I wasn’t married to her. But I think I would be the kind of person I am if I wasn’t married to her anyway, in terms of y’know, I wouldn’t be this mad druglord or this mad, y’know, alcoholic or… I don’t… you know what I mean, I’m not whiter than white just because I’m married to the Taoiseach’s daughter. Put it this way: I’d never want to bring shame on… on the family, but I’d never want to bring shame on my mam and dad, on my own family just as much.

Gerry Ryan: So for instance, what Brian did wandering up Baggett Street which was at a strange time in his life, and do you know what? I’ve been there. You want to take your trousers down and fart in the face of Ireland, right.
All: (laughter)

GR: Brian can do that. You can’t.

Nicky: No.

GR: Of all of us here at the table. Of all of us here at the table. You can’t.

Nicky: I know. But I wouldn’t want to. And that’s the truth. That’s the truth.

GR: Is he that together, Kian?

Kian: It’s not in his personality to do something like that anyways.

Nicky: Well I’ve never…

GR: Is he the most together?

Kian: I don’t know, I think we’re all pretty together when it comes to things like that. But what I think Nicky is saying is he’s not the type of person… it’s not in his genes anyways. It’s in Bryan’s to go take his trousers down and show his arse to Baggett Street, you know what I mean? Whereas it’s not actually in Nicky’s personality. You know, like I mean, the odd… if I was extremely drunk and young enough I might have done it, and Mark probably would have done it as well and it’s not in Shane’s personality. D’you know what I mean? You… you know who’s like that and who’s not.

GR: Shane looks like he likes the idea though.

Shane: (laughs)

Kian: He probably does like the idea. But he wouldn’t do it.

GR: So you’re the most measured person at this table then, I think.

Nicky: No, I wouldn’t say that, no. It’s not a chore, it’s… it’s the way I am. You know what I mean. I’ve never… I was a footballer before Westlife so I never did drugs from a young age. I’ve never done drugs in my life. Ehm… I didn’t really drink that heavily until I was… til I met all them! (laughs)

Kian: Til you met the culchies.

Nicky: Yeah. And ehm… and then I s’pose I watched… I mean, listen, of course I watched myself a little bit. Sometimes it can be a little bit harder, y’know, I s’pose the odd time, but nothing major.


GR: What was the last bit of advice, what was the last slap you got?

Shane: Um…Um…

Kian: She packs a good slap, Gillian.

Mark: Oh yeah.

Shane: Yeah, Gillian’s the boss…

GR: They’re all in agreement on that!

Mark: No, I… I crack my knuckles sometimes and she hates it and she literally thumps the head off me, like.

Shane: Yep. Ehm… the last bit of advice I got was probably to do with… like being out late, drinking and making a show of myself.

All: (laughs)

Shane: It probably was, like… but it probably was!

Mark: Probably, yeah.

Shane: I’m gonna be honest about it. If I’m out at a club and I’m having a good laugh, I don’t wanna go home. I’m going like ‘oh come on!’

GR: So you say (slurring) ‘you go home… I’ll follow you…’

Shane: ‘I’ll follow you’, yeah

Kian: Shane goes… Shane goes (slurring) ‘everybody! There’s a party at my house! Come on! Let’s go! Everybody… my house… party!’

Shane: And Gillian go round telling everyone ‘there’s no party, we’re going home to bed. Shane’s going home to bed.’ So that’s… that’s probably the only that really… y’know, that might annoy her. I’m sure there’s loads of things.

GR: Have you ever been put out of the bedroom?

Shane: Ehm… I’m sure I have, yeah. I probably have, yeah, once or twice, yeah.

Kian: Ooh, I’ve never been put out of the bedroom.

GR: (Kian impersonation) Ooh, I’ve never been put out of the bedroom

All: (laughter)

Shane: Nah, I probably have if… if I’m…

GR: Honest?

Shane: No no, (laugh) no. If I’m… no, I’m being honest. If I was… if I was drinking… If I came home and I was drunk and I’d had to much to drink or whatever, and I’d be like…

GR: Come on scenario, scenario.

Shane: I’d be talking in my sleep and the baby was in the cot she’d say ‘come on, go out.’


Kian: She’s giving me grief. She’s like ‘when are you gonna make an honest woman out of me?’

GR: You want to get married, do you?

Kian: Um… I do want to get married! Yeah, definitely. I… I…

GR: Now be careful what you say. Careful what you wish for.

Kian: Ah, don’t worry. I’ve no problems. I definitely wanna marry her and I will definitely marry her.

GR: Why?

Kian: Because I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I see her as the perfect person to… for us to have babies together and to live the rest of our lives together, y’know.

GR: Yeah.

Kian: Stop analysing me. I can see you sitting there…

GR: (to Mark) You can’t get married just yet because… or maybe…

Mark: I s’pose I could. Not in Ireland but I could if I wanted.

GR: Are you interested?

Mark: That’s not really a question that I can even answer because it’s not…

GR: Can the hetero guys just tell you something? Stick with them, love them, be with them. You’re not gonna have babies, I don’t know if you really need to get married.

Mark: What, so you’re saying… we’re saying the only reason you want to get married is cos… cos straight relationships…

GR: Actually, that’s a good question. Why are any of us married? Why are you married?

Shane: Well I think… I disagree with that though… cos I think... No, I disagree with what you’re saying. No, like, you have your fair point obviously but, y’know, he doesn’t necessarily, obviously… obviously they’re never gonna have babies but he can marry the guy if… if he wants to have that same commitment, let’s say that me and Nicky have…

Nicky: (spits drink with laughter)

Shane: …to our wives, not to each other, and that Kian wants to have, he can have that as well. But just in a different way.

GR: And do you care about that? Would you like the marriage ceremony to be part of your experience? The commitment?

Mark: Yeah, I mean if… the same as when Shane and Gillian got to the point in their relationship where they want to get married, if and when I get to that point in my relationship then I certainly would, absolutely would get married.

GR: And you’re not at that point yet.

Mark: No, I… I’m literally, kind of…it’s early days in my first serious relationship and it’s just simply not something that I’m thinking about, y’know? It’s not like… y’know, and I don’t know when I will think about it yet, it’s not like…

Kian: I think what Mark is saying is fair enough because… it’s the same with me, like, y’know I’m with Jodi three-and-a-half years and everyone’s going ‘when are you getting married, when are you getting married’.

GR: Have you asked her to marry you?

Kian: No, no. I’m… like, y’know, we’re not there yet, as far as I’m concerned. Y’know, it’s like as much as we’re there, you wouldn’t… a normal couple that are together three-and-a-half years don’t run out and get married. It’s only because I’m in the public eye that people are going…

Shane: The minute that you were going out with her people were asking…

Kian: ‘When are you getting married, when are you getting married?’

Shane: And then once you get married ‘when are you having babies, when are you having babies?’ Then when you have a baby ‘when are you having another baby, when are you having another baby?’ It’s literally like…

Kian: I want to get married when I have time to enjoy being married. When I can turn round to her and say ‘right babe, let’s go off, let’s travel the world for six months, let’s leave all this behind, this mad life that we’ve been living behind for awhile, and enjoy each other’s company’, y’know? Rather than have to go straight back in to work and do another tour and do another album and all that type of stuff.

GR: That will… that’s unlikely to happen, you’ll have to do it in the summertime.

Kian: No, it will, it will. It’ll happen in the next few years because, you know, Westlife will start taking a year out here and another year…

GR: Do you look at him (Shane) and go, do you see him arriving here today with the child…

Kian: I think that’s beautiful. But… you know, I think that’s fantastic. But I don’t think it’s for me yet.

GR: Do you look at this and go ‘Jesus, the lads are getting married, they’re having the babies…’

Kian: Well, I mean, I’m looking at it going ‘the lads are having the babies, fair play to them, I’m glad it’s not me.’

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