Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ryan Confidential Transcript (Part 1)

Last week Westlife's interview on Ryan Confidential was finally aired, and I thought it was such a cracking, honest interview it was worth posting here. I'll post a little bit of the transcript each day, as I finish typing it up.

I haven't bothered typing up the little flashback, video cut sections, but just the interview parts.

Anyway, here's the first part, where they talk about Bryan and what happened when he left.


Gerry Ryan: Can you describe when he told you?

Nicky: Yeah, he was actually in Clontarf, I was at home in Malahide, and we were, ehm, we were about three weeks away from our first… er, from our fourth tour. And he said… we were actually at the Meteor awards about two days before that and we’d won best pop act. We went on into the press room to talk about best… y’know to talk to all the journalists and stuff.

GR: And he was roaming around drinking a bottle of vodka…

Nicky: He was having a few drinks but we didn’t… that was Bryan, it could’ve been me the night before, it could’ve been any of the lads…

GR: By the way I’m not taking the moral high ground.

Nicky: No no, it wasn’t it, it was, y’know we were having fun, we were at the Meteor awards, we went home. And we did all the press interviews and there was a bit of a… there was a bit of a disagreement because all the press interviews were directed towards Bryan about Kerry because she’d won the Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. And then Bryan on that night said he was going but, y’know we’d had a few drinks, we didn’t think too much about it. And then the next day he continued to…

GR: But what did he do? Did he bring you all into a room and say…?

Shane: He did, he called, erm…

GR: Is this like when your wife says to you ‘we need to talk’?

Nicky: (laughs)

Shane: No it wasn’t at all. We never thought he’d leave the band, like. You know what I mean.

GR: What did you think he was gonna talk to you about?

Shane: Uh… (sigh) We hadn’t a clue because there was something wrong with him, we knew there was something wrong with him for a few months. We knew that he wasn’t fully happy in the band. But he didn’t tell us why or didn’t… we didn’t know if there was something going on, or…

GR: Two weeks before that he’d been on the radio with me, with Samantha Mumba, saying that, y’know, that he’d been at the party with her and he was out of his mind, he’d been found wondering up the…

Shane: Baggett Street, I heard about that, yeah.

And do you know, you were just going: ‘Jesus Mary and Joseph, what’s the next step?’ So…

Kian: He went wild for awhile. There’s no two doubts about that. But I think he got to a stage in his life where he was with Kerry and he was in Westlife and whether… which one wasn’t working out, he wasn’t sure. So he went the Westlife route first. And he decided ‘my life isn’t the way I want my life to be so I gotta get rid of something in my life that controls. So I think that’s what he did. So he left Westlife. And then when he realised that still didn’t fix problems, he ended up leaving Kerry.

Nicky: But that’s the wonderful thing about hindsight. We know now that the Kerry thing was obviously a bigger issue than what we imagined it to be at the time.

GR: So when you guys… he comes to the flats, right, and he tells you guys ‘I’m outta here’.

Shane: No he didn’t really. He sat down first and we were all kinda smirking. We were all just chatting and stuff like that. There was kind of a funny vibe in the room. We didn’t know what he was gonna say. We hadn’t a clue what he was gonna come out with. And he goes ‘lads, um… I’m hanging up me boots’. And Nicky straight away was like “wha…?” He goes ‘yeah lads, no honestly, I just… I wanna leave it. I’m not happy’ or whatever. We thought it was a joke. We thought we were being like Punk’d.

Nicky: We’d had five years of a bond. That’s what I think in the aftermath of it slightly probably angered us slightly. And I think the press were jumping cos they wanted us to all out but we were determined that we had too much in common with Bryan, too much kinda good love for Bryan, let’s say, to fall out. And I think he had it for us too. In fact, I know he did. But it was very hard as Shane said, in nineteen days, to not be a little bit kinda… yeah.

GR: But what a wake up call, what a wake up call. ‘Okay I’m sorry I’ve got to leave, I’ve got to… I’m sorry about that’ then suddenly you go ‘do we actually need this guy?’

Kian: That was Louis’ kinda moment there. We rang Louis and it was like ‘right, Bryan’s after leaving the band, this is crisis, what are we gonna do?’ He was like (bad Louis impression) ‘relax guys, relax, I’m coming…’

Shane: (bad Louis impression) ‘I’m on the way… I’m on the way… I’m about to go through a red light’

Nicky: He goes, he said to me (bad Louis impression) ‘Nicky, you’ll have to meet me cos I don’t know where I’m going, I’m on the north side of Dublin’, so we met him in Fairview and then I got lost in Contarf, trying… cos my head was in a tizzy.

Kian: And then he came into the room and he was like ‘what are you… what are you talking about?’ And this is in no disrespect to Bryan, he’s not a lead singer, he doesn’t carry the band, he’s not the – shall we say – he’s not the Ronan Keating of the group. He’s not the Gary Barlow of the Take That, or whatever. Y’know, this band can go on with… as a four piece. So we all, five minutes later, we’re like ‘yeah! We can!’

GR: So within five minutes it was ‘Bryan, we don’t need him anymore, we like you, you’re a lovely guy’.

Nicky: There was a few tears amongst us, cos we were kinda sad…

Kian: Cos I thought the band was over…

Shane: Kian… Kian, I remember Kian was slumped on the couch and I stood up and I… I kinda got angry more than anything. I kinda stopped and said ‘lads… let him leave. Y’know, fuck it, like, whatever. If he wants to leave that’s his business’. D’ya know what I mean? And Kian was like (fake-crying) ‘what are we gonna do, like, he’s leaving the band, we got a tour in nineteen days…’ And we was like ‘you know, we’ll get it together. Don’t worry about it. It’s gonna be alright, like.’ And that’s when kinda Louis came in then and put everyone’s minds a bit at rest.

Kian: But it… it made us a better band, without a shadow of a doubt…

Nicky: It made us realise how fickle it was.

Kian: Yeah. We… we had gotten to a stage where we were… after doing our Greatest Hits album, we had something like 18 million, 20 million albums sold, y’know, we had egos at that stage. We were like ‘yeah, we’re Westlife, you know, fuck you, whatever’ You know, not in a big way, but we had it about us to a certain extent. And then we just got knocked right back down to earth. Straight away, like that, and then the next day we got up and the four of us went into dance rehearsals. And we were ‘right lads, let’s make this the best concert we have ever done’

GR: Well I think really the outcome is that he lost, you won, basically. That’s my analysis.

Kian: I don’t like to look at it like that, but yeah

GR: Yeah.

Kian: (laughs)

Shane: Like if you asked us earlier on, like was he an eejit, like, or was he stupid to leave Westlife…

GR: He was.

I think he was mad, in the absolute… rockers. If anyone left Westlife now I think they’d be absolutely stupid.


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