Friday, August 18, 2006

Australian Tour Postponed

It is with regret that Westlife and Michael Coppel Presents advise the rescehduling of Westlife's September Australian concert tour. Due to a delay in finishing the recording of their next album (scheduled for international release in November), Westlife have had to postpone their first full Australian tour until February 2007, but look forward to bringing their Australian fans an even more spectacular and hit-filled show at that time.

All tickets purchased for the September show dates will be valid for the new February dates without need to exchange or refund. If required, refunds may be obtained from the point of purchase.


Surprisingly, I'm actually not all that upset. Sure, the extra 4 and a half months of waiting is a bit of a pain in the arse and I'll be clawing the walls by the end of it, but there are some good points.

1) A delay in album recording could mean that they've scrapped the idea of a covers album and are allowing themselves the extra time to put together a whole NEW album, and,

2) It could possibly mean that we're getting NEXT year's tour instead of THIS year's tour which, seeing as I've already seen this year's three times, would be fantastic! That's two completely different Westlife concerts in the space of 10 months! Not that I'd mind seeing this year's again... it was fairly brilliant!

The new dates are posted over on the official website.

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