Thursday, August 03, 2006

Update On The Jump

Just an update:

Kian did his plane jump yesterday at 1pm (or 9pm last night, seeing as we're Aussies), raising 5000 euro for SIRF! The other Westlife lads have also donated a signed disc, which will be auctioned off for the charity. They weren't at the jump, in order to make it about Kian instead of it becoming a Westlife media circus.

And, after trying desperately to talk him out of it, Jodi decided to do the jump as well, so go her!

Here's a couple of photos: thanks to Jasna who was there and took a bunch of snaps!

Kian and Jodi hug before the jump

Here comes Kian!

And landing!

Here comes Jodi!

Talking to the press a couple of seconds later. Jodi looks like she was packing it.

YAY! We did it!

Also, I've found out that Kian wanted to go AGAIN after the first one. Jodi did not. He didn't end up doing another jump, but it looks like he's got a second hobby to go with his surfing from now on.


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