Saturday, August 19, 2006

Welcome To Mark Feehily Week!

Today is the first anniversary of the day a certain Mr Mark Feehily finally came out to the public, and announced that he was in a long-term relationship with a certain Mr Kevin McDaid!

In the year that’s passed, Mark has grown from being a shy, reserved, uncomfortable looking boy into a gorgeous, sexy, confident queen of a man-spunk! He’s experimented with eyeliner, used specific pronouns when describing his special someone, and has been snogging all over the place in public!

So, in celebration of the Queer of my Heart, I bring you…

Mark Feehily Week!

Yes, welcome to MFW – each day until next Saturday I will be presenting a ‘Mark is Gay’ special article, discussing the wonderfulness that is Mr Gay Westlife himself, the Feehily-kins, and a photo of the day.

Rock on!

To start off with, today’s entry is a Welcome to Mark Feehily Week (that’s a WTMFW), and a little bit of a fun list.

So here it is…

Ten Ways We Knew Mark Was Gay.

10. His favourite colour is purple.

9. He has drastic (and flamboyant) changes of hair colour and style.

8. He worships his mum and calls her whenever he’s sad. Or happy. Or excited. Or just wants a chat. Or heard a song on the radio. Or found a really nice pair of sunglasses.

7. He danced and snogged with two women in full view of fans for an hour and a half before closing the blinds. As if he didn’t know the fans were there.
6. He worships Mariah Carey… for her music.

5. The only times he seemed to be romantically linked with women was when rumours circulated that he might be gay.

4. He always made it very clear in interviews that he had not seen the other lads naked, nor they him.

3. He had been spotted numerous times in gay clubs, though he was probably just… * cough* …there with mates or something…

2. He made obvious effort to avoid gender specific terms when describing his ‘perfect person’ in interviews, or anything related to his love life.

And finally…

1. He could never stop staring at Nicky’s arse!

And in honour of our very special number one, here is our *drumroll...*

MFW photo of the day!

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