Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Louis = Liar

It looks like some folks at The Mirror have spotted the same tendency in Louis Walsh that I have. The tendency to spin a load of crap.


EXCLUSIVE Are Louis Walsh's pop acts in constant danger, or are these stories just clever publicity stunts?

By Beth Neil

RAMPAGING rhinos, charging lions, freak tidal waves and death-defying stunts... It's all in a day's work for Irish boyband Westlife.

The pop quartet are no strangers to being in peril. Their latest terrifying encounter was with a two-ton rhinocerous while touring Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside last weekend.

Only their quick-thinking guide saved the four - currently on a UK tour to promote their album Face To Face - from certain disaster...

They said: "We had to beat a hasty retreat. The rhino was sweltering in the heat and we got a bit too close."

That ordeal was the latest in a long line of near-fatal escapades for Shane, Kian, Mark and Nicky. Just last year, Kian escaped being eaten alive by a lion during another safari trip, this time in South Africa.

Bizarrely, Westlife are not the only acts looked after by music biz veteran Louis Walsh who have diced with death.

Boyzone, Girls Aloud, Samantha Mumba and flop girlband Bellefire have also suffered near-misses. And they always seem to happen when the stars in question have something to promote.

So are Louis Walsh's acts really lucky to be alive, or have we all (us included, from time to time) fallen for a series of outrageous publicity stunts? Take a look at the following evidence and decide...

Cheryl Tweedy targeted by jewel gang - July 2005
THE Girls Aloud beauty is forced into hiding after learning that a gang of thugs are hellbent on nicking her £50,000 engagement ring. Discovering that the robbers are tracking her movements she flees London and escapes to a European hideaway.
Cheryl says: "The whole thing has been pretty scary."
Promoting: New single Long Hot Summer.

Girls Aloud caught in crossfire - May 2005
THE band cower inside their rooms as armed police swarm over the exclusive Radisson SAS hotel in Liverpool during a gangland war. Gunshots allegedly ring out.
The Girls say: "It was terrifying."
Promoting: British tour.

Shane Filan swept out to sea - May 2005
THE Westlife star almost drowns on holiday in Miami after being swept out to sea by a freak wave. He is rescued by a lifeguard at South Beach as his pregnant wife Gillian watches in horror. Shane says: "I thought I was going to die. I'm lucky to be alive. It was one of those moments when your life flashes before your eyes."
Promoting: The single You Raise Me Up

Kian Egan chased by lion - April 2005
FELLOW Westlifer Kian is nearly savaged by a lion while on safari in Durban, South Africa, after he leaves his tour guide's vehicle.
Kian says: "It was the most terrifying few seconds of my life and I have never run so fast."
Promoting: Tour of South Africa.

Mark Feehily could lose his sight - October 2004
MORE misery for Westlife when Mark is warned he could go blind due to the band's flashy lifestyle.
Mark is told by docs that he runs the risk of permanently damaging his peepers after excessive exposure to camera bulb-popping.
He says: "Photographers complain and ask why I sometimes wear sunglasses but I have no choice unless I want to ruin my eyesight for ever."
Promoting: Launch of album Allow Us To Be Frank.

Girlband stalked by pervert - August 2002
TWO ex-SAS men are drafted in to protect Bellefire from a sex beast while they perform at a UK holiday camp.
Their spokesperson says: "The girls were taken aback when they heard what had happened. Luckily they had people on stand-by because of their trouble with the stalker back in Dublin."
Promoting: Tour of England.

Kian Egan in death-stunt drama - April 2002
THE hapless Westlife singer is left hanging 50ft in the air and moments from plunging to his death when a stage stunt in Belfast goes wrong.
He says: "It was the most terrifying ordeal of my life. I kept thinking, 'Oh God, this is the end!' I thought I was going to die."
Promoting: World Of Our Own tour.

Samantha Mumba shower stalker hell - June 2001
THE Irish singer flees screaming from her LA hotel room after a crazed fan sneaks into her shower. By the time security arrived the intruder had gone.
She says: "It was a very scary ordeal."
Promoting: Her movie Time Machine.

Brian McFadden will go deaf if he flies again - June 2001
AN ear infection puts the Westlife singer's hearing in jeopardy. Brian is warned he could go deaf if he gets on another plane.
Promoting: Tour of Asia.

Girl band beauty in terror ride - May 2001
BELLEFIRE singer Tara Lee is trapped in a limousine with a crazed driver.
She is driven around New York for 30 minutes by the man, who was swearing to himself and threatening to kill an imaginary dog.
She says: "He suddenly sped off and went crazy. He kept shouting to himself, 'I'm going to kill that dog! Stop barking at me. Everyone hates me.' I was hiding behind the passenger seat."
Promoting: Debut single Perfect Bliss.

Boyzone pair attacked by swarm of flies July 1999
SHANE Lynch and Keith Duffy are attacked by flies during a camping trip in Ireland. They are forced to flee their tent and seek refuge in a nearby hotel.
They say: "It's not quite as dramatic as being ravaged by a lion in a jungle somewhere but it was a pretty hairy incident all the same."
Promoting: Preparing for release of Live By Request DVD.


Bored Secretary said...

Interesting. Nice research work, I'm impressed.

Grace Suter said...

I know - looks like someone at the Mirror can actually think out of the box.

Bored Secretary said...

I didn't know tabloid-writers could do that, think out of the box.