Saturday, June 24, 2006

About Time!

As I said on the last post, Amazing is being released in a few weeks time.

And they're playing it on Video Hits tomorrow! I can't tell you the exact time, because stupid Video Hits doesn't tell you the times on its website, just the songs. So anyway, tune in tomorrow sometimes between 8:30 and midday. And... yeah.

It's a really awesome clip, for those of you who haven't seen it. It has a photocopier in it.

And we all know that's what makes a cool clip.

In other news, I'm gonna run out of ideas for this thing eventually, so if anyone has anything they'd like me to talk about, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Ideas are always welcome. As long as they're about Westlife. Of course, I can discuss things that are not Westlife-related, but it's my blog and that's my prerogative.

So, in that spirit...

Kevin has left the Backstreet Boys! *sob* I'm devastated! He was my favourite! Admittedly, I decided he was my favourite when I was about 12 years old, and my decision was based mostly on the fact that he had really cool hair. Which was not the same hair he has now. But old habits die hard.



Rohan Williams said...

Yes, it's a well-established fact that a photocopier makes or breaks a good music video.
I can't think of any at all, offhand, but you know, it's just conventional wisdom.

Grace Suter said...

Obviously. It should be a proverb.

"A video with a photocopier is better than no photocopier at all." (sic)

meeganness said...

ahh, photocopiers are always a plus...especially when they have 4 hot Irish lads standing near it. did you end up catching that by the way? i was on my way to Coffs Harbour, so i couldn't hang by the tv *sigh*

Bored Secretary said...

DVDs? You can review those? I like your reviews.

You should do a podcast.

Grace Suter said...

Megan: I didn't end up catching it, no. But when I got home, my sister said "hey, i saw that Westlife clip on the telly this morning. It's weird. What's with the photocopier?"