Thursday, June 08, 2006

It Takes Two

Brian has got a new song out! It's another duet.

Having learnt from 'that Delta Goodrem thing' that the best way to get a hit single is to ride someone else's coat-tails, Brian has got a new song. On LeAnn Rimes album.

The duet, 'Everybody's Someone', appears on LeAnn's new album 'Whatever We Wanna' and will probably be released as a single towards the end of the year, and then on his second solo album, tentatively rumoured to be surfacing at the beginning of 2007.

Due to the fact that I can never be completely unbiased or present only the facts when it comes to Westlife and/or Brian, I'd like to add that yes... it is a good song. It's very nice and inspirational, even if it is in a slightly cookie-cutter way. Still, when has that ever made a difference to the charts? People like nice songs about how we're not all alone in the world and how we should be nice to other people because we're just like them.

And all that crap.

However, the thing that will hold this song back is its lack of real hook. It's very nice, but it's missing that 'special something'; the thing that will keep it stuck in your head and stop you from changing the station. And most importantly, it lacks that extra drive that will get people buying it.

Musically, it lacks nothing. Brian and LeAnn create a much better vocal match than Brian and Delta (or Belta, as I like to call them) ever did. His slight country lilt suits perfectly to her pop-twang, and it's this quality that provides the real interest. The melody is refined and guitar-driven, matching the country flavour beautifully, and the lyrics are suitably heartfelt.

But it's not the first of it's kind, it's not the last of its kind, and it's not the best of it's kind.

3.5 out of 5.

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