Friday, June 30, 2006

As with all weeks, I come bearing good news! Westlife are still hanging in on the charts with You Raise Me Up now lounging at number 17! It's not long to go now, so let's savour the joy before it finally slides off the bottom of the charts. It's on RAGE between 8:30am and 9am this week, so be sure to tune in.

And as of the coming Monday, it will have spent SEVEN MONTHS in the Aria Charts! Can I hear a "Woohoo!"?

And now I come to...

The week's news in brief:
  • Shane is backing an anti-drugs and anti-underage drinking initiative in Sligo, Leitrim, and Donegal.
  • Nicky and Brian played together in football team The Triple Barrellers for a local 5-a-side match in Portmarnock. No word on who won.

No news apart from that. They've just finished their Chinese concerts and are now back in the UK to start their outdoor shows. So they've not had any time to get into trouble. All I've heard is that the Shanghai show was absolutely cracking. That's it. And Mark's put on a little weight - but that's barely newsworthy - it's just been the only thing to talk about because they're being so boring at the moment.

Maybe I should spread a rumour. Any thoughts?

...Mark's straight. Spread the word.

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Bored Secretary said...

You should so listen to Relient K's "Hoopes I Did It Again". The end of your post reminded me of that song:

"What's up, dude?
I'm gettin' kinda bored
Lets get some food, and then hit movies 4
What's going on?
What's up with all our friends?
Lets start a rumour just to find out where it ends"