Friday, June 23, 2006

Important Dates

There's some very special events coming up soon, and you should all jot these down in your calendar. Otherwise... I'll do something bad to you. I don't know what, but it will involve pointy things and... leeches. Or if I'm too grossed out and lazy to actually get leeches, then I will use the sucky end of the vacuum instead. So jot these down, dammit! You have been warned!

June 26 - Westlife Tickets go on general sale for the Brisbane Entertainment centre. You can buy them from Ticketek from 9am. Unless of course (like me) you've already nabbed your presale tickets and are well on the way to euphoria. Especially now that I've got my Robbie Williams tickets as well. Yippee! Everything's coming up Milhouse!

June 28 - Imagine Me & You is released on DVD. Technically nothing to do with Westlife, but I love that movie and I urge you all to go enjoy its gorgeousness. It's like a Richard Curtis movie with lesbians - so there's something in there for the girls and the guys. But mostly the girls. It's about love, and junk.

June 29 - Superman Returns is released into a cinema near you. And also a load of other cinemas. Also technically nothing to do with Westlife, but I'm damn excited, so I thought I'd share. SUPERMAN IS BACK! *squee!*

July 15 - A very special date, as this is the date that Westlife's second Aussie single from the Face To Face album is released. It is called Amazing, and it is... amazing (duh). So y'all should buy it. Cos I'm from Alabama, y'hear?

And there's another announcement to be made! This week You Raise Me Up is still hanging in at number 16 on the Aussie music charts! Tune into the ABC between 8:30am and 9am tomorrow to see it on Rage.

I'm especially loving that song at the moment because my parents dragged me down the RSL tonight (I don't like it there - it smells like steak and old people), and the band sang it! I went hysterical! The music started in but it was a different intro, and mum said "ooh, is that Danny Boy?" then the piano kicked in and I said "YAAAAAAAY!!!! WESTLIFE WESTLIFE!!!!"

And they used the proper Westlife backing track for the 'oohs'!

Nevertheless, the RSL still irks me.

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