Saturday, June 17, 2006

You Raise Me Up is at number 15 this week!

And I will be in an exam at 8am this morning, so I will not get to watch it. Bugger.

On the upside, I'm seeing Just My Luck tonight. For all those who are about to say "What!? You're seeing that lame-arse Lindsay Lohan movie?!" ...yes I am. But there's a very good reason.

McFly are in it!

That is all.


Bored Secretary said...

McFly!! <3 Dougie is da bomb. Ignore the rest of them, Dougie rawks.

Annabel Taylor said...

8am exam on a Saturday? Ouch!

Still, hope it went well.

Grace Suter said...

I was a Tom fan (lisp!), with a little Danny thrown in on the side (hair!)

But after seeing JML... it's goota be...


"Where's Harry!?" roflmao!

Bored Secretary said...

You won't be able to resist blond-Dougie. He looks a bit like Mr. Byrne did in his fine days (Fool Again video days)... such a pretty boy *pets him*

meeganness said...

personally...Danny's always been my hero. Although I do have a soft spot for all of them <3<3<3