Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another Birthday!

Happy birthday to little Nicole Filan, who turns one year old today! And congratulations to her daddy Shane and mummy Gillian for taking care of the youngest member of the Westlife family, and not accidentally leaving her on the bus.

Here's one of the most comprehensive photos we have of little Nicole, taken just after her birth. Doesn't she have a nice... blanket?


Bored Secretary said...

She has her father's.. blanket.

Grace Suter said...

And don't forget her mother's... blanket! The resemblance is uncanny!

Bored Secretary said...

It's disturbing both Shane and Gillian have the same... blanket. Maybe they're related and they don't know it? It happens in small towns of farm-people... in-breeding.

Grace Suter said...

I wouldn't be surprised. There's a reason there are so many Feehilys in Sligo.

I've always thought the fact that Shane married Kian's cousin was a little incestuous, because Shian are like brothers.

meeganness said...

he really is far too good looking for her :-(

sorry gill.

swedish_me said...

LOL at grace & yaara *hahahahahaaaa *

and i tooooootally agree meeganness :p Mrs Horse is waaaaaaaaaaaay out of shays league