Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Just so everyone knows, the Aussie release date for the Amazing single has been put back from the 15th of July to the 22nd. So that's NEXT Saturday instead of THIS Saturday. Why they've done this, I'm not sure. Maybe so they can do an extra week's promotion. They'll need it, considering the pitiful amount the Aussie promotion team has already done. I'm expecting an ad on Briz 31 at about 4am.

Just so everyone knows, this is what the cover looks like:

Except for with the gold strip at the bottom, because Still Here doesn't feature on the Aussie edition. The actual tracklist is as follows:

1. Amazing (single mix)
2. Miss You When I'm Dreaming
3. Amazing (video)

Check out my review of the UK version of the single here, but be aware that 'Still Here' and the 'Exclusive Chat' don't appear on the Aussie version. Still, it's absolutely worth buying just for Miss You When I'm Dreaming, which is an utterly gorgeous track, and for the video.

Because as we all know, the best videos have a photocopier in them.


Rohan Williams said...

Again with the photocopiers...

Grace Suter said...

Dude, don't you know that photocopiers are awesome?