Friday, July 14, 2006

Pressure On For Boys To Keep On Looking Good

by Jonathon Moran

(this article appeared in today's Courier Mail. Thanks to Megan for letting me know it was there!)

PRESSURE to look good is part of the job for Westlife member Kian Egan.

The 26-year-old Irish singer says keeping fit and dressing well is part of the business.

But it doesn't rule his life.

"We are in the public eye and we are scrutinised quite a bit by people," said Egan, ahead of the boy band's September Australian tour.

"People automatically have an image of this guy from Westlife and to an extent it is nice to be able to live up to that image"

Westlife has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in Australia since visiting the coun try in March to promote their latest album, Face to Face.

Their single, You Raise Me Up rocketed into the charts at the time of the trip and remains there four months later.

Delta Godrem's boyfriend Brian McFadden was originally with the group but left in 2004 to go solo.

"We all have settled down a bit, we all have partners, some people have babies, some are married, some are gay," said Egan when asked how the group had changed.

(never fear, readers, I will be coming back with photos, I just have to find the same ones that are in the article online... or very similar ones.)

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