Friday, July 14, 2006

Lowie's Hot 30

Shane did an interview last night on Lowie's Hot 30, which I didn't know was on (mostly because Lowie shits me and I don't listen to his show) , but my good pal Nic has uploaded the podcast to YouSendIt, so I'll post the links for anyone who's interested (Megan? Jenny?).

Among other things, Shane talks about the next album, the tour, Brian, psycho fans, pop music, and breaking into the industry.

The files will be good for a week, so get in and download now if you want them. Try and ignore the irritating Sustagen ads at the beginning of each section. It's worth it for Shane sounding all sleepy because he's obviously only just woken up. Awww...

Part 1 (1MB)
Part 2 (2.2MB)
Part 3 (1.2MB)
Part 4 (0.8MB)
Part 5 (0.7MB)


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Bored Secretary said...

I thought you'll find this somewhat funny. Read the description.