Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chart Positions For This Week

Just leaping in to say that Westlife have leapt up the charts again to number 11 from last week's number 17! Hooray!

In other news, Axel is a tool, but at least we didn't have to see much of him on that Video Hits special this morning. They played 5 clips (Swear It Again, Uptown Girl, If I Let You Go, You Raise Me Up, and Amazing), and Axel just did a little introduction thingy for some of them, and gave the tour dates. So all went well.

Except for when he pronounced Kian's name wrong. Seriously... Kee-arn?! It's Kian, you fuckwit! Ki-en.


And now I'm going to see Pirates Of The Caribbean! Hooray!


Rohan Williams said...

And how was Pirates? Forced, or good? I'm always wary when a studio tries to follow up a surprise hit, so I've avoided it so far. Probably seeing it Monday, though, after everybody else in the world beats me to it.

Grace Suter said...

Pirates... good. Not as good as the first one, but I did really enjoy it. It just sometimes felt a bit too drawn out, even though every scene was great.

It was like a really delicious meal. If you eat too much, it's still delicious, but you don't feel like you can fit any more in.

Johnny Depp was fantastic, as always, and the story itself was clever, with lots of twists and turns, but it didn't give me the same feeling the original did.