Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nicky's Summer Profile

Ah, Nicky. Dear, Nicky. BELOVED Nicky. Yes, he actually calls his wife his BELOVED Georgina. Weird, and slightly over the top, but there you go. Apart from that, Nicky's a city boy who likes the finer things in life. He likes a bit of overseas travelling instead of just a wander down to the ol' fishing hole. And he loves spending his holidays with Shane. Ooooooh... *wink wink, nudge nudge*

My favourite holiday: When I was about eight my parents and I went to Canada for two weeks. I’d never been to the States and it was just the best thing ever. We went to see the Falls, which was just incredible. I still love travelling to these big cities, but when you first see it at that age it’s just amazing.

My favourite getaway: Travelling through the South of France.

My favourite hotel: I like the chain of W hotels in the States. But Four Seasons as a whole, definitely.

If I’ve got time off I…love to spend it with my beloved wife Georgina and my dog Keano.

My funniest holiday story: I travelled to Miami with Georgina and Shane and Gillian. We took some photographs and I have this habit of playing paparazzi where I just grab the camera and take a picture. When we got them back there was one where Shane just looked like his face was inside out. He looked about 45 stone.

My suitcase essentials: Wallet, phone, passport. With that I can get anywhere.

My favourite summer tunes: This summer I’ve been listening to James Blunt, but if you want to talk about summer in general I remember when ‘Mr Vain’ and ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ came out. I also remember a song that Georgina bought me called ‘You Sure Do’ by Strike. I used to like that.

The place I’d most like to visit: The south of Italy, right in the boot. I absolutely love it.

In other news... bugger all's happened this week. Someone jumped in ahead of me and started a rumour. Apparently Mark and Kevin have broken up. It's bullshit. In case anyone was worried.

Oh, and the 'Nicky's smoking!' whinge has resurfaced again as well. Get over it.


swedish_me said...

the "nicky is/isnt smokin" thingy is funny...same as "WHAAT ARE THEY SMOKING!??! OOOH MY GOOOD" *haha* always some fans who are sooo shocked coz they didnt know n juuust found out... LOL

thought nicky seriously need a geography lesson...

Joey Westwife said...

Interesting... It wasn't long ago on Twitter that Nicky denied ever being a smoker. Doesn't bother me. I smoke and I know Brian and Mark do.