Monday, July 10, 2006

Shane's Summer Profile

Nicky and Shane... sitting in a tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G... He even keeps the same things in his suitcase as Nicky does. I wonder if they sit down together before the trip and plan everything so they can match? Also, apart from mentioning his honeymoon, neither Gillian nor Nicole appear in any of his answers. Maybe he intends to take them to Moscow, and accidentally lose them in the snow?

And again, Westlife like the Four Seasons. Plug, plug.

My favourite holiday: It was probably my honeymoon actually, out in the Maldives in the middle of nowhere. It was just unbelievable; very relaxing, very hot. Paradise.

My favourite getaway: Probably just going home to be honest. I love spending time at home and just chilling out.

My favourite hotel: Four Seasons.

If I’ve got time off I…Play golf

My funniest holiday story: Mine’s probably the same as Nicky’s. He literally couldn’t look at me all day without breaking into fits of laughter. He had to leave the swimming pool at one point because he couldn’t stop laughing.

My suitcase essentials: Again, same as Nicky’s.

My favourite summer tunes: Mine was actually’ ‘Boom Boom Boom’ by the Outhere Brothers.

The place I’d most like to visit: Moscow. I’d absolutely love to go to Moscow.

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