Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shoot The Ref!

And then break out the bubbly because WE BLOODY WON IT!

Even after an absolutely bollocking turn from the ref (you can't tell me someone wasn't paid off somewhere), the maroons leapt ahead in a heart-thumping last 15 minutes that had us dash ahead from 4-14 to 16-14! Screw you, ref!

Rock on the maroons! The first time we've beaten the blues in four years!

Bloody hell, yeah!


meeganness said...

YAY FOR QLD!!!!!!!

even though I don't watch that rubbish :P.

Good thing to see Westlife know how important it is that we won :D

Grace Suter said...

Of course they know it's important! Everyone loves Origin!

*glares* Except for you...

Rohan Williams said...

I couldn't believe that game. How the hell does NSW blow that lead? I did not like being born in Sydney last night.

Grace Suter said...

HA! They shouldn't have even had the lead in the first place! The ref was a complete twat!