Friday, July 07, 2006

Kian's Summer Profile

Here's the brand new set of 'profile' thingies that Westlife do for their official website every couple of months. This time, it's their 'Summer Profiles'.

First of all, we have Kian's profile. From his profile, we can tell that Kian is a pretty cool, laidback dude. He likes his surfing and his camping, and his favoured 'summer music' reflects his laid-back surfy attitude. There's also a nice little hint there that we should all stop making fun of his hair, because he doesn't care anymore. Yeah right, lad. Oh, and he's cute because he can't put up a tent. Hear that, girls? CUTE. And he's a simple lad, because he likes the Four Seasons.

My favourite holiday:
I went on a camping trip in Spain earlier this year and I have to say it was probably one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. You know, hiring a car, not knowing where you’re going, not having a hotel booked, just arriving at a campsite, putting up a tent, which is always a great laugh, cooking a meal on your little gas stove, it’s really, really good fun.

My favourite getaway: The sea. Surfing is just the best thing that’s ever been invented for me. I just love surfing.

My favourite hotel: Four Seasons in Dublin. I think that’s a really classy hotel, but generally Four Seasons are pretty much the same.

If I’ve got time off I...Go surfing

My funniest holiday story: Me trying to put the tent up. If you get a new tent and you try to put it up for the first time I think it’s probably one of the funniest things you’ll ever do. You end up putting it up ten different ways before you actually realise how to do it. It took me about three hours.

My suitcase essentials: They’ve changed a lot. I used to be one of those people who needed their hair products and now it’s just a pair of shorts, clean underwear, clean socks, a few T-shirts and a pair of jeans. That’ll do me.

My favourite summer tunes: I listen to a lot of different music every summer. This summer I’ll be listening to a lot of Ben Harper, surfer-y chill-out stuff.

The place I’d most like to visit: I’d like to do a surf trip in Indonesia because I’ve been reading an awful lot about it recently. The waves out there are very good.

Tune in tomorrow for Mark's summer profile!

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