Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Bunch Of Westlife Games

Okay, because I have to go to work in about seven minutes, today's entry is going to be a bit piss-weak. My apologies, but I have to go out and make money so I can buy more Westlife stuff (and my Lois & Clark DVD boxsets).

Anyway, I present to you... some fun fun Westlife online games. Enjoy.

Guess Who?
Guess which Westlifer belongs to the different body parts.

Slidey Westlife Picture Puzzle
Slide the pieces around the box to get the whole picture.

Your Westlife Name
Enter your real name to get your Westlife name. What's yours? Mine's Shnicky's Bouncin' Munchkin.

Westlife Trivia Quizzes
There's loads of them here, so see how much you know about Westlife. (And try my quizzes)

A Bunch Of Other Games
This site has a load of them. Just hit fun and check out the list down the side. There's 'Spot the Difference', a Quiz, a Word Search, a Jigsaw puzzle, and some other stuff.

Also, I seem to remember there was a game where you moved Bryan's head around to catch the KFC? So if there are any fans that remember it and know the link, could you please post it? That was an awesome game!


swedish_me said...

haha im "Shay-baby`s Sweet Biscuit" =P never done that b4

Anonymous said...

I'm "Ki`s Only Chick' ;-D