Sunday, May 14, 2006

These Boots Are Made For Walking...

After the shitstorm that was the last few singles, finally we're back on track with a great song! A fantastic single, it's the first song off their second album and scooped them Record Of The Year for the second time in a row. The b-sides are a bit lazy, with a remix of If I Let You Go, and an instrumental of My Love. The instrumental's very pretty, actually, but the remix is the exact same song with a spaceship noise in the middle. Nice one, lads.

The cover… they’re leaving an airport. Or so I believe. It’s not a wild extrapolation when you consider that the video starts at an airport. Ah yes, with one of the finest oscar-worthy performances of all time, they complain about how shit the flights are and how it would save time if they just walked it. And they do.

They walk. And walk. And walk. Not even fake walking again. Actual walking, across cliffs and through train stations, and down streets, and along beaches. Obviously they have a very long way to go, and are in a massive hurry to get there, because their ambling gait is so urgent you really feel for them and their quest to end up spinning on those damn cliffs. And obviously they have to stop for a few moments to muck about and chase each other around the trainstation. The scenery really is lovely, in all fairness. Plus they all look especially gorgeous, as if they've finally been cornered by a stylist.

The leather might be a bit much though. I feel dirty looking at them, as though I've slaughtered a herd of cattle. It must have been really sweaty to do all that walking in as well.

Needless to say, the cover's all black and white again. But at least they've used both black and white, so we can find them against the background.

You know what? The video's such a corker I'm going to attach it. Just for the quality *cough* acting at the beginning.

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