Friday, May 19, 2006

I Love Your Every Colour

I'm going out tonight, so I know you'll all be terribly distraught with the fact that there's only one entry for today. I was considering not doing one, but I don't really want to lose my streak, so... here it is!

Hey Whatever is the exact opposite of Tonight. Where Tonight had a vibrantly colourful clip and a black-and-white cover, this one has a black-and-white clip and a... well, you can see for yourself. The video is basically set around the morning after, but with a slight 1950s feel that suits the hungover laziness to a tee. It's bare-feet and big sunglasses all round, with a lot of mucking about and leaping into swimming pools fully-clothed. Even without the colour, it's one of their most vibrant videos, and is spectacular fun.

The cover keeps with the lazy theme, but updates it slightly, bringing in casual denim and t-shirts, while they all lounge about on those very comfortable looking stone steps. There's some red and blue on a Westlife cover for the first time in ages and it's a welcome addition to the usually sombre catalogue.

The b-sides are more self-written triumphs, featuring I Won't Let You Down, a wonderfully circular two-part tennis-match between Bryan and Mark, the vocal parts passed back and forth with beautiful ease. Singing Forever, the second b-side, is less successful but holds its own well. The lyrics are delightfully slashy, with Shane's husky crooning lighting up the second verse. Mark, however, lets the team down with a nasal, creaking first verse that almost hurts the ears. Still, both songs do have very strong points and complement the main track beautifully. It also comes with the video for Tonight and a short 'making the video' clip.

I think this is another one where I'm going to have to add the clip. Enjoy. And I'll be out having fun while I should be studying. Which is what all good uni students do anyway.

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