Monday, May 22, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

This is a single cover from what I like to call "that unfortunate rat-pack period." They had a few of these covers, but they were all just pretty pictures to put online because every single from this period was only released on the internet as a download. Apparently they wanted everyone to buy the whole album instead of just the singles. I disagree with this 'apparently', mostly because it sounds like crap to me. The real reason? They were terrified that nobody would like them after Bryan left, knew the songs weren't that good, and figured they just wouldn't let any possible failures enter the single charts. Even so, the songs all did quite well in the download charts, but my guess is that all the fans did what they usually do - buy two or three copies to give them a boost.

Here's the cover for Ain't That A Kick In The Head. Though you can't see it under that hat, Shane has a delightfully hideous haircut. Yes, for the first time in six years, he changes his hairstyle. And what does he get? ...a comb-over.

Still, the others look okay. Their suits are (literally) tailor-made for the period they're trying to capture, as are the poses. But I'm not sure where they're supposed to be. The truck in the background doesn't exactly look like it's something Frank Sinatra would have driven around in. It's as if they've sat down for a cigarette break in between filming the videos, and suddenly someone's jumped on them with a camera.

Ah yes, the videos. Every single one of them was pretty much the same. Westlife in Las Vegas. You can pretty much assume that they went there for the gambling and a piss-up and figured they'd film something along the way. Even so, the videos are quite good. Ain't That A Kick In The Head is basically just them singing on a stage in a bar, re-enacting the old drunken rat pack performances: ogling showgirls, knocking back whisky, and laughing at each other. There's even a moment when Shane accidentally headbutts Mark in the face, which is always good for a laugh. Smile has them wandering around Vegas looking for Mark, who's gone off to sulk. And Fly Me To The Moon is them losing lots of money at the gambling tables.

Tourism centre, anyone?

I think I'll have to include a picture of Shane's comb-over, just because it's pretty bloody hilarious.


Samer Butrous said...

U seam to find so much stuff released by Westlife. Are they another one of those groups that seam to release 2 - 3 albums a year?

I don't know much bout Westlife partly because i couldn't give a shit about them.

(i didn't mean for this to sound offensive, so i'm really sorry if it came out that way.)

Grace Suter said...

As a rule, they release an album every November, and three or four singles over the course of the year. They're in their 8th year.

And check out my post 'Inside the Mind of an Obsessive Fan'. That'll give you an idea of how many I own.

Annabel Taylor said...

I recognized Westlife's picture on a cd today (before reading their name on it :P)!! Are you proud?

Bored Secretary said...

"Smile has them wandering around Vegas looking for Mark, who's gone off to sulk."

LMFAO! Brilliant. Brilliant as ever.

I couldn't have said all of that better myself.

I remember having a hysterical laughter attack when I first saw Shane's new 'do.

Grace Suter said...

Annabel! I'm so proud!

*medal for you*

Cory Messenger said...

Forget the Ratpack. That bottom pic looks like Kraftwerk, circa 1980! Any word on Westlife ever having 'fun, fun, fun auf der autobahn?'

Grace Suter said...

Bryan mentions the Autobahn in his solo song "Auf Wiedersehen Bitch"

swedish_me said...

because every single from this period was only released on the internet as a download

actually that's not all true... they released two(?) songs as singles in some countries, including sweden, i own two dif versions of the smile single and two versions of ATAKITH single..

mmmm n now when u talk about smile... i've never seen that video i think.. *hmm* might be coz i refuse 2 listen to the song though...

Grace Suter said...

Yeah, I know they were released properly in some countries (I have the asian single of Smile), but they weren't released in the UK so i'm not counting them. Same as I haven't done ILMLOY or WYLLT in my single reviews - cos they were never releaed in the UK.

I might review them later, though.

swedish_me said...

mmmm ok... just sounded as if it was only downloadin... i'd mentioned it... mmm im bein finical...i know..never mind me.. lol

Anonymous said...