Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nicky's Post-Tour Interview

As with all the others, Nicky has done a tour interview.

So how was the tour for you?
It went really well actually. We’ve had the best reports back from everybody; family, friends, critics. This year we really sat down before we even planned this tour and made sure we were streets ahead of last year. We really stepped up our game and it’s worked really well.

Which were your favourite dates?
It would be hard to pick. In Belfast they’re really crazy, but Dublin is my hometown and the gig is only 15-20 minutes away from my house, and that’s always really cool. Glasgow was always amazing and Manchester was cool too, but they’ve all been brilliant.

What was your favourite song to perform?
The medley section was my favourite part by far. There were a couple of songs in there that we completely stripped down and changed and the choreography was quite raunchy. The crowd seemed to love the choice of songs this year and the feedback is absolutely incredible.

Have you seen any good banners?
There seem to have been a lot less banners this year, but there have been a lot of really young kids who wouldn’t have even been alive when Westlife started. They’re probably a bit young to be making banners, but the older people have swung bras and knickers at us. Kian tries them on at the end of every night.

How do you unwind?
I’ll just go home and take a bath and go to bed, or sometimes we have a few beers in the bar, nothing too mad. But if we’re all around in Dublin, for example, then we have a big party with our friends and family. Ireland is always about trying to catch up with people because you spend so much time out of the country, and over in the UK, we all had our own thing going on with our families.

What have you got planned now the arena shows have finished?
We’ve got a lot of outdoor gigs to do and we’re obviously trying to plan a holiday as well. I’m in current talks with an Irish movie director to shoot a movie this summer. It won’t take up any Westlife time because I’m going to do it over the holidays. I’m not going to give too much away as it’s not 100% happening, but if I can squeeze it in I’ll do it. But I’ll try and have a decent holiday abroad, definitely, and we’ve got to record the new album. The new songs are coming in thick and fast at the moment.

What have been your highlights over the last few months?
Really just the success of the album. I mean, ‘You raise Me Up’ has turned into an anthem amongst our fans, it gets such an emotional response at our shows. It broke new markets for us, it was number one in Australia for four weeks, which is fantastic. We’re just happy boys. The relationship between us and our label is good so we’re buzzing!

+ We acknowledge that last year's tour was a bit crap, but don't worry cos we've redeemed ourselves this year.
+ Every town was fun to perform in because we love all our fans equally!
+ The tour is really good, especially the medley. Even though we've finished the indoor shows, there are still outdoor shows and our Asian tour. Go see it.
+ Kian is a cross-dresser, and I can laugh about it because we're all such good mates.
+ We love our families and friends, and even though we drink with them we're very careful about not getting too drunk. We wouldn't get drunk! Honestly!
+ The new album will be great! Start saving!
+ You Raise Me Up is still out! Buy it!
+ Relationship between us and our label is good. Of course we would never think badly of them.

Because it was such a big surprise, I've got to add... what's with this movie thing? I can't claim I didn't see it coming on some level (he did acting classes over their 4 month holiday and has always expressed an interest in acting), but I didn't expect it so soon. Should be interesting, although I'm not sure I'll be able to watch him in a movie without going: "NICKY! That's NICKY!" Not that it's even for sure yet *shrugs*. I'll bring you more information as I hear it.


meeganness said...

i can see you going - NICKY!!! THAT'S NICKY!!! and jumping up and down hysterically for the full 2 hours quite easily.

but that could quite possibly be because I can see MYSELF doing the same with my boys when Just My Luck is finally released here!

Elim said...

Hi Grace, I've enjoyed reading ur blog! One thing I wanna say about Brian McFadden is that when he released his "Almost Here" with Delta Goodrem, I couldn't recognise him as the Westlife Bryan. I was shocked when I found out the fact later. His style really had changed a lot since he left Westlife. Btw, I am a fan of Westlife's music as well~ (hi-5~lol);)

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Joey Westwife said...

Ha! I was browsing Marcky pix on Google and noticed your name under one so lead me to this. Wonder what happened to the movie thing. He's done his presenting and radio but I'm deaperdes to see him acting too.

Joey Westwife said...