Friday, May 12, 2006

Pineapple Heads

Hey... here's their first real Westlife single! I figured I'd share it, seeing as I already did the sort-of first single. Don't ask me if this will become a series like the album reviews. I don't know yet.

First of all... Bryan has a huge head. Well, no, he doesn't really, but the lighting and angle make it look like a dinner plate with eyes. In fact, none of them look that good. Nicky's kind of orange, Shane looks weird and has man-boobs, Mark has his face tilted too far down and looks like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, and we're almost losing Kian off the bottom of the cover. His chin is about to disappear! Someone grab his head! Not to mention you could use the top of his hair as a second moon with the amount of reflection coming off it.

Ah, Swear It Again. Brilliant song. Still one of their best ever singles. It comes with a nice cover of Forever, by Damage. And if you get the Asian EP you get a CD-Rom Ronan Keating interview, a remix, and 5 b-sides. Some b-sides are great, and some are absolute horse-bollocks. Still, you can pick and choose. It's like a buffet. Personally, I generally fill up on Don't Calm The Storm, have Let's Make Tonight Special for dessert, and then hide Until The End Of Time under my napkin.

I'm thinking of removing Bryan's ugly turtleneck and wrapping it around Kian's head to reduce glare.

Oh and by the way. Notice the font. That's official Westlife font, that is.

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