Thursday, May 18, 2006

That's What Friends Are For

Look, they're still good friends! They must be, sitting on that couch all together, with empty glasses in front of them! They've obviously been having a good gasbag and a milkshake. Just like friends do. But that's what happens when everybody thinks you're going to break up - it brings you closer together. So that you can sit on comfy designer couches and drink 'milkshakes' and read magazines with your bestest friends.

That's showbiz for you.

Not only are they wearing black again, the photo itself is in black and white, emphasising the blackness. Mark's even wearing a nice pair of black sunglasses. But there's a fair bit of white, too. The window/wall, the milkshakes, Nicky's teeth...

Oh yes, Nicky's teeth. Put them away, lad, before you hurt someone.

More self-penned music here, with Where We Belong, a wannabe version of You Don't Know, which is just a little too self-congratulatory and sentimental for it's own good. It's sweet, but too syrupy and too manipulative in making us believe that Westlife are (awww...) here to stay for ever and ever and ever.

The remix of Tonight appears, and it's very nice, with a spanish guitar and thobbing percussion. But it's not a patch on the original. As well, the bland Miss You Nights makes an appearance as an unofficial double a-side.

The main track is the best.

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