Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Five Of Us In White Houses

Look at this! It's so shiny and white it burns your retinas! Again, more of the white clothes, more of the white backgrounds... but at least you can see where Westlife end and the clothes/background begin. Bryan and Kian have silver necklaces on, as well, which doesn't help things.

I really really like Mark and Nicky in this picture. For one thing, Nicky is SMILING! It's the very first Westlife smile on a single cover, and it took four singles to make it. Maybe he's happy because it's almost Christmas. Or almost the millennium. Whatever. As for Mark, he's got the big three things I look for when judging Mark-sexiness. The first is red lips. Check. The second is flushed cheeks. Check. And the third... the naughty eyebrows. Check. Mark has naughty eyebrows! Don't ask me to explain it, but damn they do things to me.

You can't see Kian's arms, so I don't know if they're bare, but they were in the clip. Maybe this is the record company's subtle way of telling him that he doesn't really have sexy arms at all. It didn't stop him from doing that topless photo shoot (which proved me completely right about the man-boobs). I got over it with counselling.

The songs weren't very good, which is probably why this is a double a-side. They figured if you hated one song, you'd at least be able to stand the other. Two covers. Two crap songs. They did them alright, but they shouldn't have really done them at all. Still... it went to number one.

The b-side, On The Wings Of Love, is quite a nice gospel song, a bit like a poor man's version of Flying Without Wings. Except with wings. Mark sounds really good on it, but he always does. Because I love him, and love is deaf. But he does genuinely sound good here.

A bit of a boring cover, so I have nothing else to say. Just be glad I didn't post the topless Kian photos.

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