Friday, May 12, 2006

Don't Matter If You're Black Or White...

Ah, bugger it, I'll do another one. I've set a precedent now to update this thing LOADS, and if I don't continue with that I'll feel bad. So, for anyone that cares, here's single cover number 3. And if anyone doesn't care, then screw you, I don't need your damn uncaring readership.

...Please love me...
Westlife single number two continues with the black-and-white theme, and believe me, it's not the end.

A fairly simple cover, I'm going to assume that the separating and framing of the individual members is meant to stop us losing them in all the white. They're like albino chameleons!

It could also be so we recognise them as individual members, but I've never been one for obvious semiotics.

They're supposed to walking, but my guess is that they're standing still and pretending to walk. Mostly because those hallways don't look very real and can't go back more than a few millimetres, but also because every single one of them looks constipated and fake. Except for Mark, who looks like he's got diarrhoea and is trying to hold it in. If he crossed his legs any further they'd break.

If I Let You Go is the song this time. Good song (check out my review of the self-titled album for a more substantial opinion). The b-side is Try Again (also in my review of the same album). No new songs here, which is a shame, but they probably exhausted them all when they shoved the buffet into Swear It Again. So these are the leftovers.

Oh yeah, and it has an enhanced CD. Not much of one. It's got the clip in it and some other random stuff.

Bryan needs a haircut.

That is all.

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