Thursday, May 11, 2006

Looking Back On The Memory Of...

Just thought I'd add this because, man, it's hilarious!

This is the very first ever Westlife single. Although, technically, it's not. This is the original Westlife which, if you can't be arsed scrolling to the big introductory article at the bottom, was formed by Shane, Kian, Mark, and three friends from highschool (Michael, Graham & Derrick). They called themselves IOYou.

Note, first of all, that Kian, Shane, and Mark are the three in the front, with the others very much squished in the back. Foreshadowing, or did the other three have very noticeable erections from all the excitement?

Note, second of all, the hair. Wings, curtains, floppy fringes... oh lord, who styled them? Chances are, it was their mums. The clothes are from EJ Menswear. Shane and Kian worked there at the time, and probably got some kind of discount. And I don't think any of them have heard of a smile.

IOYou? Yes, it's a bad name, but they used to be called Six-As-One. You can't get much worse than that. At least the original version of the group didn't exist much further than Quaint-Backwater-With-Sheep, Ireland.

Of course I have one of the original copies of this single, li'l ol' collector me.

Shane and Mark wrote the song. It's fairly shit, but cute in a really awkward, crap way. The b-side, however... not so cute. It's just shit. With a rap.

Now, if I'm really really clever, I think I'm going to be able to link an audio file of the song to this blog., I'm not that clever. I had a go, though.

Enjoy the hair.

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