Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In The Navy

Look! The background isn't black or white!

It's grey. And they're all wearing combinations of grey, black and navy.

They really are cheerful lads, aren't they?

Also notice their staring, penetrating eyes. Rather than look sexy and sultry, they look like they have mercury in their irises. Or as thought they have no irises at all, and the background is filtering through the empty spaces in their eyes. Nicky is almost bald here, as well, a result of him shaving his head as part of the Queen Of My Heart video.

A pretty boring cover; again it looks completely photoshopped.
The video was pretty dodgy looking, too.

As far as b-sides go, this one has two, one of which was penned by the lads themselves. The first one, Crying Girl, was written by all five Westlifers and has a long way to go before it becomes a quality track. Musically it's incredibly inventive, with a uniquely catchy strings intro and captivating melody. But lyrically it fails. It's as thought they knew what they wanted from the song (its themes of suicide could be effectively poignant), but weren't quite sure how to go about getting it. Still, it does show remarkable musical promise.

Second b-side I Promise You That, by contrast, is fantastic. It succeeds on every level - lyrically, melodically, harmonically, and vocally. The opening note is a triumph, a powerfully rasping note that comes right from Shane's stomach, and it gets even better from there. A definite must.

As well, there is a remix of their version of Angel, which brings nothing particularly groundbreaking to the original, but does have a beautiful strings accompaniment.

Worth it just for I Promise You That.

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