Thursday, May 11, 2006


In accordance with my little slash article earlier, I thought I'd share some videos fans have made to further the theory that Westlife are, actually, all doing each other. It's not just written media, dammit, we have video EVIDENCE!

First one is a video clip based around Shnicky, set to the Westlife song 'Moments'.

The second is a video called 'Westlife Are Totally Gay', which cuts together different images of Westlife being 'slashy', or just generally a bit queer, and puts it all together with music. An interesting fact to note (for those non-fans out there that haven't been made aware, cos I know I didn't say it outright) is that one of them finally decided to let the world know that he IS totally gay, about 9 months ago.

But Mark, honey, we already knew.

Enjoy. I know I did!

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