Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Meagre Lodgings-slash-Shrine

Because I'm a great big nerd, I figured I'd share some photos of my bedroom. By the way, this has definite... erm... intellectual value... and that. Because I'm... uh... immersing you in the... subculture... thing.

My CD collection, to start with. Every title you see there is Westlife (or Brian McFadden), meticulously catalogued both chronologically and by format and genre. The top row are the singles and the most comprehensive albums (ie, the ones with shitloads of bonus tracks), while the bottom row contains DVDs, Fanclub CDs, Interview CDs, and foreign/special editions of the albums. See that shoebox? Memorabilia from my first trip to Ireland. See that small, rectangular, black shape perched on top of the Orange box-set CD? My Westlife playing cards.

My shrine. The flags are the Irish and Sligo flags. The scarf is my tour scarf. The finger... kind of speaks for itself. The broncos flag, lei and weird bunny rabbit fairy? I didn't have anywhere else to put them.

My posters! The big gaps next to the crappy Monet print are where my signed photos are going to go when I finally get round to framing them. The Batman, Superman, Back To The Future and Kubrick posters don't do much for my credibility. I'm a geek, through and through. I also have Lost Boys, Matrix Reloaded and Gremlins posters, you just can't see them here.

MORE posters! Mwahahaha! Ignore the messy desk. Notice the red baseball cap - it has


printed on it in big fancy letters inside that dandy shield. And yes, I have a darth vader lego. Wearing a superman badge. And though they're faint, there are little Nightmare Before Christmas figurines atop my moniter. I am a nerd.


Annabel Taylor said...

Wow, your cds are VERY organized!

Rohan Williams said...

The Batman and Superman posters may not 'do much for your credibility', but by God, I totally want to know where you got them. Especially the Adam West Batman one.