Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nicky Byrne: Human Disaster Area

Westlife Postpones June 3 Concert

WESTLIFE postponed their Shanghai concert on June 3 because band member Nicky Byrne has acute enteritis.

A doctor recommended Byrne avoid long flights until June 9 as he recovers from an intestinal tract infection.

The make-up date for the concert has not been confirmed yet. But the organizer, CPPA Entertainment Ltd, said the concert will probably be held on June 25.

So far, more than 60 percent of tickets for the June 3 concert have been sold. The organizer said these tickets can be used at the make-up date. Those who want to return tickets can go to East Asia Ticket (Gate 6, Shanghai Stadium, 666 Tianyaoqiao Road) before June 3.

According to the former itinerary, the band was scheduled to arrive in Shanghai on Tuesday and was going to visit other parts of the country to record a documentary series before the concert. The organizer said the documentary will still be filmed, but at a later date.

- Shanghai Daily, China


And Nicky's sick again. I, personally, blame his fragile Dublin upbringing. All the others were running around the countryside getting dirty and building up resistance to bacteria, while Nicky ponced around Dublin on his sterilised footy field. Apart from Shane's glandular fever in 2003, nobody has had to take time off for anything other than a death in the family. Nicky had kidney stones a couple of years ago, as well. Honestly. Then there was that time he came over all faint before a concert and smacked his head because he'd been in a car accident the night before and hadn't got himself checked out. Good job, lad. And then there was the time he fell down the stairs.

I suggest some bubble wrap for next time he goes outside.


Bored Secretary said...

Poor Nicky. *hugs him till he turns purple*

Grace Suter said...

Don't hug him that tight! You're liable to bruise some of his ribs or make him throw up, the poor fragile blossom. lol.

Bored Secretary said...

... That was the point.

Grace Suter said...



swedish_me said...

didn't bry take "timeout" coz of hmm was it molz or lilz ...anyways one of the kids birth n the other went to nashville?

Grace Suter said...

Yeah, but I'm not counting him cos he's not in the band anymore. Sad, but true.